It’s on steroid! TYM launches new compact tractor

TYM’s new compact T265 is a tractor on steroids as it pushes, lifts and pulls more than its rivals!

This Korean-made tractor is packed with features, including a level-lift quick-hitch loader and 4-in-1 bucket in a $22,990 package. Backhoe, post-hole diggers, rippers, blades and other implements are available.

Distributed Australia-wide by Inlon, TYM tractors are renowned for high quality, well-designed products, backed by heavy research and development investment.

Gary Surman, Inlon’s Sales & Marketing Manager, says, “You always get a lot of tractor for your dollars with TYM, but you certainly won’t get a lot of noise. The Tier-4 3-cylinder 1175cc diesel engine is extremely quiet. The sleek bonnet gives excellent visibility of the front loader bucket, while the new lighting and instrumentation panel add modern style touches. The big footprint and generous tyres give you a heavy-duty package for all landscaping projects.

“The T265 865kg weight is a measure of strength of the driveline and axles and the 3-point linkage will lift 700kg, which ensures compatibility with most farm implements.

“Two separate hydraulic systems give plenty of flow for attachments. Both PTO and cruise control are easy to operate via push buttons on the dash panel.

“The hydrostatic transmission has two ranges with two independent side-by-side HST pedals for forward and reverse, giving advanced ergonomic operation. With the brake pedals located on opposite sides of the HST pedals, you can use your brakes for ‘brake assist turning’ when required for extra tight manoeuvring. Wide industrial tyres deliver extra stability and traction for slopes and front-end loader work.

“The operator has a semi-flat unobstructed platform with excellent entry clearance from either side. A foldable twopost ROPS frame offers both safety and versatility while working under trees. Oil immersed disc braking will ensure safe and long-life operation, and there is a 3-year warranty plan for peace of mind.”

For more information, please visit or call Inlon on 1800 945 090.

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