It Is All About Temperature, Pressure And Flow

“Saturated steam and hot water weeding has gained acceptance worldwide, and now there is a selection of tools for contractors to choose from,” said Jeremy Winer, Managing Director of Weedtechnics an Australian leader in the field. “Having choice is great for consumers, but it also raises questions about what works best to achieve weed control outcomes.”

He pointed out the key features to look out for:

The temperature of the fluid at the weed needs to be 98°C or preferably boiling, otherwise productivity will be slow.

How long is the delivery hose? Hose lengths of 30, 60 and up to 90 metres dramatically increase productivity, as long as there is no temperature drop.

Does the system deliver the boiling water at a safe low pressure? You’re looking for no splash on your boots and no displacement of mulch or compaction of the soil.

Is it delivering enough volume to cook vegetation on contact, without streams of water running down the drains?

What are the consumable costs of running the apparatus per hour?

Is there a versatile range of heads and accessories; and how quick and easy are they to change?

Weedtechnics Satusteam© was developed by Jeremy in 2004, from a concern that landscape contractors shouldn’t have to work spraying chemicals every day. It meets the demand for chemical alternatives. Satusteam© utilises a unique design and method, protected under patent.

 “Our customers love that they can be killing weeds 30, 60 or even 90m from their machine,” said Jeremy. “It’s hard to beat that. It’s all about the right combination of temperature, flow and pressure, and we’ve nailed it. Our machines are designed by contractors for contractors; to be robust, reliable, efficient, productive and at a widely acceptable price point for businesses to invest in.

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