Is Faulty Workmanship Covered?

Public liability policies do not provide cover for the cost of rectifying faulty workmanship.

If you perform a job as it is supposed to be performed and something goes wrong, then your liability policy will respond. However, if you do a poor quality job or a rushed job then the policy will not respond to any incident that occurs.

Liability policies are in place to protect the company, the worker and the consumer. They are designed to cover accidents and incidents that occur and cover unforeseen circumstances. If an accident occurs that is what your insurance is designed for.

The exclusion in liability wordings states that there is no cover “for the cost of performing, completing, correcting or improving any work undertaken by you”. The exclusion often arises in claims made under general and products liability policies and claims involving tradesmen as the cost of rectifying faulty workmanship can be very high.

The easiest way to not have an issue is to do a proper job and ensure your staff are adequately qualified. Your clients want the job done properly and so will you to protect yourself and your company.

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