Ironwood Sienna® Sleepers

A “designer” sleeper produced from sustainably grown Australian Plantation Pine.

Ironwood Sienna® sleepers utilise an innovative micronized colouring system developed alongside the latest generation MicroPro® timber preservative. The colour treatment penetrates into the wood structure creating an attractive timber sleeper with a rich red brown finish similar to some hardwoods that integrates with todays’ colour palettes.

The MicroPro® preservative system has been independently certified in Australia for environmental and health impacts and is suitable for use in all applications including playgrounds, national parks, and vegetable gardens.

Utilising a renewable resource produced in Australia by AKD Softwoods from sustainably grown Australian pine, Ironwood Sienna® sleepers are a positive environmental choice in harmony with our natural landscape. Some of the features and benefits of Ironwood Sienna sleepers include:

  • Suitable for sensitive applications such as playgrounds, national parks and public spaces and vegetable gardens
  • Low maintenance with an innovative long-lasting colour system
  • Suitable for above ground and inground use where the sleepers are rated H4
  • Produced in Australia from sustainably grown and renewable plantation Pine

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