Mean Green Nemesis

Designed and built especially for landscape contractors and propertymaintenance operators who offer a range of services, the Mean Green Nemesis is a cost-effective, high-performance mower perfectly suited for larger home blocks and small-acreage spaces.

Though more compact, the Nemesis is manufactured to the same engineering and quality standards for which EcoTeq zeroemission solutions are famous. And it’s an absolute pleasure to ride!

Access the benefits of 100% electric commercial mowing technology

Like all EcoTeq equipment, it’s quality first with the Nemesis. Developed on the back of more than a decade of research and development by manufacturers Mean Green in the US, this mower is ready for unforgiving Australian conditions. The Nemesis provides all the benefits of commercial-grade electric mowers in a smaller, lower-cost machine. By adapting the technology and performance of commercial electric ride-on mowers and applying it to a zero-turn machine, you’ll find the Nemesis is fast and extremely agile.

Ready for unforgiving
Australian conditions.
Up to five acres on a single charge

The Nemesis is designed with practicality and manoeuvrability in mind. Its compact deck houses a powerful 7.2kWh lithium-ion battery, allowing you to mow up to five acres on a single battery charge. Its compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre through gates and into tight spaces. When you’ve finished mowing, all you have to do is clean the deck of your Nemesis, plug it into a regular single-phase powerpoint to recharge, and it’s ready for the next time you have mowing to be done.

Easy to maintain and cost efficient

The Nemesis comes with the features and conveniences you’d expect in high-quality commercial equipment, including:
• A simple, interactive touch-screen display to modify settings
• Comfortable high-back suspension seat with dual cup holders
• High/low ground speed control
• An adjustable rollover protection structure (ROPS) to keep you safe • Dual USB charge ports – super handy
• Adjustable cutting height with 14 pre-set options
• Front suspension and solid wheels
• Optional LED floodlights for any earlymorning, twilight or evening work.

Designed with practicality and
manoeuvrability in mind

The 48-inch Vortex deck is perfect for landscape contractors and homeowners alike, and there’s the option to add a solar canopy system for extended battery life, longer mowing times and protection from the elements.

The Nemesis will never leave you stranded on the job. It features a warning system to let you know when the battery has 15 minutes of charge remaining, so you know when it’s time to get back to base and recharge.

Safer. Quieter. Smoother. Smarter

The Nemesis features the world’s most advanced low-noise, low-voltage engineering. You’ll find it to be significantly lighter, quieter, smoother to operate, and cleaner than its petrol rivals. This makes the Mean Green Nemesis by EcoTeq the smarter, safer, quieter choice for maintaining grassed or turfed acreage blocks.

Significantly lighter,
quieter, smoother to
operate, and cleaner
than its petrol rivals.
Beating the rising cost of fuel

Brenton Waite from TW Horticultural Services is a very happy Mean Green owner.

Brenton worked out the cost benefit of buying an electric mower with fuel running costs based on $1.60 to $1.65 per litre. That was before fuel prices skyrocketed and the federal government removed the 22-cent excise in September 2022.
“On a heavy week we charge our unit three times,” said Brenton. “It takes four to six hours overnight. We just plug it into the wall and away it goes.
“Our fuel cost is between 30 and 40 litres per week on a heavy load. We’ve saved somewhere between $2500 to $3000 since our electric machine became operational about 36 weeks ago.”

The compact deck
houses a powerful
7.2kWh lithium-ion
battery, allowing
up to five acres of
mowing on a single battery charge.
Less downtime for maintenance

Impressed with EcoTeq’s after-sales care, Brenton described the ease and cost-benefit of getting his Mean Green mower serviced compared to his petrol mower.

“EcoTeq’s maintenance division called us and booked in the service. Their technician was in and out in about an hour.

“If we needed someone to come out to fix something, if we let them know before midday, they would send someone out that same day for repairs, otherwise it’s the next day,” he said. But they haven’t needed repairs yet.

Are you ready to meet your Nemesis?

EcoTeq is the exclusive distributor of Mean Green mowers in Australia, and is ready to help put the NEMESIS to work in your landscape business. You’ll love it! And your clients will love it, too. Call 1800 100 150 or click on for more information.


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