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Introducing The Urban Canopee

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Landmark Products is excited to announce the signing of an agreement with Urban Canopee to be the only street furniture and open space structure manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand authorised to sell and install the award-winning Canopee range of Urban Canopee products.

Urban Canopee designs and develops innovative green infrastructure to help combat the effects of global warming in the urban environment. Canopee fits well with Landmark’s philosophy of providing innovative, environmentally-aware, sustainable and well-designed open space products. Landmark will also be designing an urban furniture range to complement Canopee for all settings and environments.

Canopee’s Main Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a green canopy over public spaces, roofs and facades
  • Creates aesthetically pleasing shade areas combating heat island effects
  • Re-establishes urban biodiversity in locations where it has not been possible
  • Optimisation of water storage and use, and improves air quality
  • Enhances quality of life whilst making urban green asset management easy
  • Requires minimal floor space, modular, autonomous, freestanding, relocatable and with very little to no impact on the environment
  • Structures allow for perfect architectural integration
  • The patented connection nodes enjoy the mechanical strength of steel, are four times lighter, provide far greater longevity (corrosion free and highly resistant to weather extremes) and are inherently electrically isolated
  • Our smart irrigation system is solar powered and features innovative 24/7 monitoring of growing conditions – irrigation happens automatically to preserve water resources
  • Remote monitoring via web platform and app for optimal plant growth management and reduction of overall maintenance costs
  • Canopee is brought to site, assembled, elevated, anchored and commissioned in a day        

Landmark Products

With Australia’s largest range of open space structures, shelters, restrooms, sport and recreation facilities, pedestrian bridges, boardwalks, street and park furniture, Landmark Products has been Australia’s leading supplier for over 30 years and proudly offers an extensive range of products that are backed by the 156-year manufacturing history of the famous Furphy Foundry.

Urban Canopee Australia

Urban Canopee Australia is the Australian arm of Urban Canopee of France. Canopee originates from 12 years’ experience in innovative building materials research and engineering.

For more information and to watch the latest promotional video, visit the Landmark Products website www.landmarkpro.com.au or call 1300 768 230.

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