Introducing NEMESIS

EcoTeq is changing the playing field, offering a range of powerful, 100 per cent electric zero-turn mowers. On the back of more than two years success and proven local experience, EcoTeq is proud to announce its leanest and greenest electric mowing innovation: NEMESIS.

Engineered for commercial performance and quality, the EcoTeq NEMESIS is strong, fast and agile – making it ideal for prosumers and serious mowing enthusiasts.

High performance and full features

The NEMESIS checks every box for serious enthusiasts, delivering commercial mowing performance to those who don’t require all-day battery power. Available with a 48″ side-discharge Vortex deck, the NEMISIS delivers 2.25 hours mowing time, or up to five acres coverage, on a single battery charge.

Like EcoTeq’s current range, the NEMESIS is manufactured by renowned technology leaders Mean Green in the US, on the back of more than a decade of research and development. The advanced, 100 per cent electric-drive system outputs the equivalent of a 28hp combustion mower, achieving speeds of up to 12.8kph and delivering the capability to mow slopes of up to 15 degrees.

NEMESIS comes complete with all the features and conveniences expected of high-quality commercial equipment:

• Interactive touchscreen display

• Comfort high-back suspension seat

• Dual support, multi-position, anti-scalp

wheel mounts

• High/low blade speed control

• High/low ground speed control

• Adjustable ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure)

• Dual USB charge ports

• LED floodlights

• Dual cup holders

• Adjustable cutting height with 14 pre-set options.

The addition of an optional solar canopy system with charge controller supports even greener charging as you mow.

Power up your performance with EcoTeq

With a hard-earned reputation for performance across North America, EcoTeq’s 100 per cent commercial mowers are engineered by Mean Green to deliver maximum torque, performance and runtimes with zero compromise. Highly robust and durable, they’re also significantly easier and more efficient to maintain than the now dated combustion-powered equipment common to Australia’s mowing enthusiasts.

Safer. Quieter. Smoother. Smarter

Safer equipment means safer and more comfortable operation.

Featuring the world’s most advanced low-noise, low-voltage engineering, EcoTeq’s 100 per cent electric mowers are significantly lighter, quieter, smoother and cleaner than combustion-powered equivalents, making them the smart new choice for keeping grassed acreage areas clean, quiet and safe – without fear of disturbing the peace.

High power + low footprint

The world’s most advanced range of 100 per cent electric maintenance equipment, EcoTeq offers outstanding energy efficiency, emission reductions and sustainability. Using the latest battery technology means means these machines emit nothing harmful to the environment, and operate without compromising the productivity and performance mowing enthusiasts and prosumers command.

Ready to make the transition?

EcoTeq is the exclusive distribution partner of Mean Green mowers in Australia.

EcoTeq takes a consultative approach to support the transition to electric, and is glad to assist with making a recommendation best-suited to your needs.

To learn more about EcoTeq and its range of 100 per cent electric zero-turn mowers, visit or call 1800 100 150.

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