The final step is always Intergrain

 All landscapers know the job’s not done if it’s not done right. It’s a matter of pride. So, when you’re working on a job that includes a deck, the protective coat you apply is just as important as the overall construction. To complete the job with total confidence and get the garden’s centrepiece looking great, the final step is always Intergrain Universal Timber Oil. 

Intergrain Universal Timber Oil is the clear choice for protecting and prolonging the timber of your client’s deck. The clear decking oil deeply penetrates into the timber to protect it from the inside out, preventing warping, cupping and splitting over time. It keeps the timber fresh, smooth and helps to repel excess moisture from pool splashes or watering the garden. The unlocked system in Intergrain’s Universal Timber Oil allows for it to 

be applied over existing migrating oils, and can be overcoated with oil-based or water-based coatings for flexibility in the future. This is a huge benefit to clients who will maintain it themselves, and for you if you’re contracted to care for their property. 

Available in clear to enhance the timber’s natural beauty, there is also the option of seven colour additives: Coastal Grey, Dusty Oak, Rusted Red, Rich Maple, Honey Gold, Roast Walnut and Obsidian Black to suit a variety of homes and styles, and to add extra durability. 

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