Intelligent Flow Technology

The new RPS 75i from K-rain delivers a higher standard in performance and technology than any other gear drive on the market.

Featuring the innovative and patented Intelligent Flow Technology™, the RPS 75i matches performance with complete control and flexibility for the contractor. K-Rain’s patented Intelligent Flow Technology™ works by proportionally adjusting distance and water flow at the same rate. This innovative design feature is conveniently located on the top of each gear drive and provides simple and accurate distance control while ensuring that contractors stay dry.

With the Intelligent Flow Technology™ contractors have complete landscape and irrigation design flexibility while also saving time and money when installing or retrofitting an existing system.

In other gear drives, reducing the radius and distance requires the nozzle to be changed or the break-up screw to be engaged. These steps take time and limit the maximum water flow reduction to 25%, while also causing distortion to the flow path and uneven watering. With the K-Rain RPS 75i, contractors can simply turn the patented flow shut off and proportionately decrease the distance and flow by up to 50%. This innovative design feature can also deliver impressive water savings of up to 30% or more!

With advanced engineering and stainless steel shaft, the K-Rain RPS 75i is  right gear drive for every landscape.

Contractors stay dry. No flow path distortion. Landscapes are evenly watered. Water is saved. Systems perform better. Dry, easy and accurate distance control without the need to change nozzles or employ a break-up screw!

With the K-Rain RPS 75i you always get it right the first time.

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