Winner EFCO Polesaw

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Updated: July 24, 2013

Dear LCM and Powerup Lawncare, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Efco Polesaw that I won in the subscribe and win competition. I must admit thatI had actually forgotten about the competition, and several weeks ago was just having a coffee and chatting with a client, who was lamenting about not receiving a call from Tattslotto. I told him I wouldn’t be getting a call because I don’t buy Tatts tickets, and as soon as we went back outside, I GOT THE CALL. from LCM! Awesome!

The Efco PXR2700 Polesaw will be very useful in our work, particularly with the OH&S restrictions on climbing, to be able to trim high branches safely, and I do like the adjustable blade feature.

I’d also like to congratulate LCM on your very helpful and informative magazine. I still prefer to use ‘Palmetto’ buffalo as a turf today, because I read an article in your mag years ago by Todd Layt describing all the different turfs.

Once again, thank you and best regards,

Greg Govan
Premier Pavements and Landscapes.

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