Increase productivity and efficiency with Husqvarna Automower

Whether your client’s lawn is large or small, simple or challenging, Automower® delivers the perfect cut.

At first, it may seem counterintuitive for a professional greenspace business to promote the use of robotic lawnmowers. After all, lawn maintenance is one of the core pillars of the industry.

Will these robotic mowers do a better job than the tried and tested ride-on? Also, won’t this mean that landscapers could lose profits? These are the two biggest questions that seem to concern landscape professionals in relation to the Husqvarna Automower®.

Rob Kerslake, landscaper and owner of Verduous Gardens says that the opposite is true. According to Rob, adding a Husqvarna Automower® is a “no-brainer” and goes the distance to support and facilitate his clients in making this addition to their properties.

“Speak to any experienced operator in the high-end greenspace world and they’ll tell you, it’s not clients that are hard to find, it’s good people,” Rob says. We can all relate to this, and now more than ever, getting employees you can rely on can be a challenge. This has allowed Rob and his team to change the structure of their services and he notes, “By working with our clients to ensure they have an Automower® installed on their property we’ve been able to elevate the time our existing team spends on a client’s property creating higher-value, more visible work, such as high-end hedge maintenance and plant care.”

The change in approach around how Verduous Gardens run their business has meant they have been able to provide employee development opportunities resulting in a more qualified, happier workforce, doing higher-value work for clients. This all adds up to a stronger business overall.

The landscape industry as a whole requires the highest level of finish. At the end of the day, clients are paying for a service that needs to be delivered at a high standard, or they’d do the work themselves. The balancing act when trying to achieve a quality finish on a lawn, really comes down to frequency of cut. The more consistent and regular a cut is, the more the lawn greens up.

This is another area where Automower® can really act as a value add to extend your business’ offering, rather than detract from it.

“It’s essentially impossible to compete with the finish Automower® can achieve, unless a client is looking to have their lawn cut multiple times every week,” Rob says. You would be hard-pressed to find clients willing to commit financially to such an extensive manual cutting schedule.

“Automower® will cut so finely, and with such a regular schedule, that the lawn will matt out and thicken up, which ensures there are no weeds and it doesn’t go to seed,” Rob says.

Bad weather is a common issue greenspace professionals face, particularly through winter or in some of the wetter conditions Australia has experienced recently. If you know that a client has a unit at their property, you don’t have to worry about the lawns getting out of control. Automower® will continue to operate through all conditions, allowing landscaping teams to really focus on plant care, hedging and edging.

If having the perfect cut 24/7 isn’t enough, a key selling point with many clients is that Automower® is a great way to reduce their carbon footprint. Using battery power to navigate around your lawn, Automower® not only trims to perfection, it uses no oil, no petrol and has no direct emissions.

Since launching Verduous Gardens back in the year 2000, Rob has seen how modern technology and automation have driven productivity, profitability and growth across the industry and goes as saying it’s the way of the future. “I wasn’t sold on it at first,” Rob says. “But once it frees you up to focus on topdressing, maintaining and developing the overall garden in more strategic ways, it really becomes clear how much value they add to high-end gardens.”

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