If You’re In The Construction Industry And Trying To Keep Track Of Progress Claims, PAYAPPS Is The Answer

If you are a contractor drowning in what feels like 1000 different spreadsheets, or you are trying to keep track of who owes you what and when – then Payapps is here to make life easier.

It is not that spreadsheets are bad per se; if you are a statistician, Excel is probably your best friend. If you are an accountant, it is likely to be indispensable. If you are an inventory manager, you probably can’t live without it. The challenge for most operators is managing complex progress claims for a large construction site, or across multiple jobs.

Is inefficiency costing you money?
If you think it is just the inconvenience that’s the issue? Think again. The inefficient practice of using spreadsheets is probably costing your business a lot of money. Aside from the time and resources spent wrestling with rogue cells, according to Forbes, around 88 per cent of spreadsheets contain errors. If you are a subcontractor, your progress claims could represent tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of revenue. Make a mistake and you could be missing out on payments that are rightfully yours.

Reasons to switch from spreadsheets

  1. Focus on what matters
    Poorly collated and presented data can be incredibly difficult to interpret, especially when you should be focusing on your core business rather than been bamboozled with trying to figure what all those figures and formula mean. Spreadsheets also make it difficult to keep track of changes, especially if made by someone outside your team.
  2. Analysis paralysis
    Even when all the data is in there and visible, the challenge can lie in analysing the data to extract the information and identify trends that will help to contribute to business efficiency.
  3. Put everything in context
    Numbers are terrible at providing historical context. A table of numbers simply cannot describe a dispute, discrepancy or discussion between you and your contractor regarding what constitutes completion of a job.
  4. Collaborate my way
    A process that requires multiple parties to communicate with each other and understand the situation on the ground makes the use of spreadsheets demanding. All parties need to be able to collaborate to ensure that the right information is being shared at the right time, and that all parties are working from the same set of numbers, to ensure positive outcomes.

The entire process of submitting, assessing and approving progress claims requires a significant amount of interaction between you and your head contractor. A spreadsheet does not allow for collaborate forums to achieve desired outcomes.

Light at the end of the tunnel
Payapps was developed to save you time, give you transparency and maximize your efficiency. Their simple and intuitive tool allows all parties to collaborate effectively, quickly, simply and accurately online to ensure progress claims are submitted on time and are assessed and approved within the right timeframe.

Payapps allows subcontractors to effortlessly prepare and submit their claim, with the ability to attach photos and documents for supporting evidence, all while seamlessly calculating retention and generating their progress claim PDF.

An added bonus is that Payapps offers “self-assess” functionality, which puts you in control of all your contracts which means you can manage progress claims with all your builders, even if they’re not a Payapps user. Sign up as a self-assess user today and you will get your first claim free, every month, no surprises.

Learn more at: payapps.com/bcm

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