Hustler’s HyperDrive range

Hustler’s HyperDrive range of commercial zero-turn mowers  is for those responsible for large-area green-space maintenance, and for whom demand for reliability, efficiency, and safety is non-negotiable.

Enter the game-changing solution that not only meets but surpasses these expectations – Hustler’s HyperDrive range of commercial zero-turn mowers.

These powerful mowers are tailored to the unique needs of mowing professionals – people who spend all day in the saddle, take pride in their work and demand the best from their machinery.

Hot-weather reliability: the core of Hustler’s HyperDrive system

In the world of professional lawn care where tight schedules and demanding jobs are the norm, downtime is not an option. Hustler’s unique HyperDrive transmission cooling system has been engineered to address the challenges of mowing contractors battling the elements, particularly in sweltering heat.

HyperDrive is a game-changer for those who refuse to let environmental conditions dictate their productivity.

Advanced HyperDrive cooling technology offers real-world reliability advantages, ensuring your mower maintains optimal performance, even on those long, hot Summer days.

Transmission oil cooling is achieved via six key HyperDrive features:
1. Industrial-grade slipper piston pumps
2. High-capacity, 10” x 10” aluminium oil cooler
3. A powerful nine-inch cooling fan drawing air through 100 per cent of the oil cooler
4. A huge 11L oil reservoir (beause more oil = cooler oil)
5. Industrial-grade, high-torque wheel motors
6. Hot-oil shuttle carrying hot oil directly to the cooling system.

Extra hot-weather reliability empowers mowing contractors to take on more jobs with confidence, secure in the knowledge their Hustler HyperDrive can handle the toughest and hottest conditions without missing a beat.

Hustler’s HyperDrive transmission cooling system offers extreme hot-weather reliability. Image: Hustler

Safety redefined: Hustler’s rear-discharge cutting-deck advantage

For council mowing crews entrusted with maintaining public spaces, or anyone mowing in the vicinity of people and property, safety is paramount.

Hustler offers a range of rear-discharge options including 60-inch, 72-inch and 104-inch rear-discharge cutting decks to suit a variety of applications and transport/ storage needs. A rear-discharge cutting deck not only ensures a pristine finish, but also addresses critical safety concerns when mowing in public spaces.

Traditional side-discharge mowers can pose risks, especially in areas where pedestrians and vehicles share the landscape. Hustler’s rear-discharge system directs clippings and debris under the mower and out the back, minimising the risk of harm to people or property. Productivity and efficiency can be maintained without compromising the safety of nearby people and property.

Beyond safety, the rear-discharge design also reduces the clumping effect and buildup of clippings into rows that can occur with a sidedischarge deck. The efficiency gained from the combination of safety and cleanliness makes Hustler rear-discharge models an invaluable asset for mowing crews striving to create well-maintained, hazard-free environments.

Rear-discharge deck options offer safety advantages when mowing in public spaces. Image: Hustler

Speed and efficiency: unleash your potential

Public-space and wide-area mowing often involves combinations of open spaces, intricate landscapes, challenging terrain, and tight areas that require a high level of precision and manoeuvrability. With Hustler’s true zero-turn design, the Hyperdrive range offers significant manoeuvrability advantages that other wide-area mowing solutions, such as front-deck or tow-behind mowing units, may struggle to deliver.

When compared to larger commercial mowing machinery, Hustler’s HyperDrive range addresses these access challenges head-on with its zero-turn agility, empowering the operator to manoeuvre with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Built to endure: your reliable workhorse

For commercial mowing applications, equipment durability is not just a desirable quality; it’s a make-or-break factor.

The Hustler range not only promises durability; it embodies it. Constructed with robust materials and designed to withstand the rigours of demanding, everyday use, the HyperDrive mower will front up ready to work hard day after day and year after year.

Hustler’s commitment to reliability and performance stands the test of time, ensuring a crew remains efficient and productive, no matter what challenges the daily hustle might throw your way.

In the dynamic and competitive realm of professional lawn care, the choice of equipment can make all the difference. Hustler’s HyperDrive zero-turn mowers are a sound investment. From their hot-weather reliability to the safety enhancements, precision manoeuvrability, and unmatched durability, a HyperDrive zero turn delivers on every front.

On-site demonstrations are available, so you and your crew can try out a Hustler HyperDrive in your environment and see what it can do for you.

Visit to find out more, explore the HyperDrive range, and book an on-site demonstration with your local Hustler dealer. 

Image: Hustler
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