Husqvarna V554 Stand-on Mower

New to the market from Husqvarna is the V554 Stand-on mower.

Husqvarna products go through a rigorous development and testing process to ensure the exceptional quality and performance expected of any new Husqvarna product.

Many wouldn’t have seen this type of mower before, but I have noticed they are a very popular option in the United States and although they seem a little different, there are definitely advantages over conventional zero-turns for many situations.

The first advantage I noticed on delivery of the machine was its compact overall size for a 54-inch cutting machine. It is great for storage and accessing tight situations. I also found it easier to negotiate slopes with added traction compared to a sit-on zero-turn thanks to the shorter wheelbase and operator’s position.

The stand-on platform, which is spring loaded and very comfortable, folds down into position easily.

The mower can also be operated with the platform up and the operator walking behind, which is great for up and down mowing of steeper slopes as well as loading and unloading for transport. It is also an advantage for manoeuvring slowly in very tight obstacle ridden areas.

An exceptionally comfortable padded cushion on the rear of the machine allows the operator to lean in tight on the machine with ease enabling fast, protected operation. This cushion hinges down and can be removed without tools providing excellent access to the engine for all maintenance, with the exception of removal of the oil dipstick. The cross member that supports the battery obstructs the removal and replacement of the dipstick, so in order to remove or replace the dipstick it must be bent to clear the cross member.

The height adjustment is a drop-in pin that is easy to reach from the operator’s position and can be changed in transit. A tall, spring-assisted deck lift lever ensures easy lifting of the deck and lowering into he desired cutting position even easier – just tap on the release lever and the deck drops into position.

The dash/operator’s console is well laid out and although quite different to conventional zero-turns it only took about half an hour of operation to be confident and operate at speed around curves and obstacles. A handy storage compartment is located on the front of the dash along with a reliable, digital fuel gauge.

The Husqvarna V554 is no slouch – the 12cc Parker Pumps and wheel motors are powered by the ever-reliable 852cc Kawasaki V-Twin 24.5hp engine. A mulch kit and collection kit can be fitted to the 54-inch 7-Gauge fabricated and reinforced deck, making it a true three-in-one machine suitable for multiple applications.

Although the Husqvarna V554 Stand-on Mower is a new type of machine for the Australian market I am confident its origins will ensure it is ready to perform well in the commercial market. I think commercial operators will see the advantages of a not so conventional machine.

Husqvarna offers an impressive three-year commercial warranty.

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