Husqvarna AutoTuneTM Chainsaws – Optimal engine settings, right from the start.

A revolutionary new range of chainsaws that deliver optimal engine settings and performance right from the start thanks to the unique AutoTune™ feature that eliminates the need for manual adjustments to the carburettor and automatically compensates for different types of fuel qualities, altitude, temperature and dirt in the air filter. AutoTune™ runs continuously as long as the chainsaw engine is running and the carburettor auto-adjusts continuously – regardless if the engine is at idle or full throttle. Packed with additional advanced features including X-Torq®, Low Vib®, Air Injection™ and a magnesium crankcase to withstand tough use. The AutoTune™ range delivers the ultimate combination – more power, fewer emissions and no time consuming adjustments, without compromising on performance. For more information phone customer service on 1300 804 105 or visit

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