Husqvarna Automower® has transformed commercial lawn care for Super Gardens at Essendon Fields airport

Award-winning facility management company Super Gardens chose to upgrade its services to include smart lawn care, and after a year with Husqvarna Automower®, it’s safe to say it’s never going back.

Sharp decision

Adam Strathairn, General Manager of Aviation Services at Super Gardens, was looking for efficient, automated lawn-care services to integrate into Essendon Fields Airport in Victoria. As one of its largest and highest-profile clients, Super Gardens needed a sustainable solution for Essendon Fields which could be implemented into the business long-term.
Adam and his team trialled Husqvarna Automower®, a robotic mower, before progressing to a newer model for prime parkland areas. After a year with Automower®, they’re thrilled with the results.
“During the time we have used Automower® on the grounds at Essendon Fields we have found the quality of our fine turf is equal to the results we achieve with our cylinder mowers,” said Adam.
This level of quality is a result of razor-sharp blades, which produce a cleaner finish when compared to traditional push or zero-turn mowers. Super Gardens Contract Manager Abdulla Nugent was particularly impressed with the Essendon Fields turf: “Automower® produces such a nice finish because it’s cutting lawn with razor-sharp blades, as opposed to tearing grass like some conventional zero-turn mowers,” he attested.

Looking good

Since installation, the team has been able to get on with more skilled tasks like hedge trimming, brush cutting and planting.
“It’s time saved that we can use elsewhere,” said Abdulla. “Automower® allows us to get other jobs done much more efficiently.”We’d normally mow the lawn once a week. When those weeks pass and you haven’t mowed manually, but the turf is still in a beautifully maintained state, that’s when you really notice the results.”

Additional benefits

Consistency was key in the team’s choice of robotic mowing services and it found Husqvarna Automower® to generate better overall results over time.
“Every professional in the industry knows that more regular cutting has a more consistent finish. Automower® is constantly cutting, which makes for a much better outcome,” said Abdulla.
Sustainability was another major factor in Adam Strathairn’s decision to work with Husqvarna: “We are very pleased with the added environmental benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint, along with a reduction in the use of motor oils and other inputs that are required for traditional mowers,” he said.

Good choice

Anti-theft technology offered Adam and his team a sense of security for the high-profile public areas within Essendon Fields. Combined with in-built sensors, which allow the robotic mower to move in the opposite direction should it bump into an obstacle, Automower® became the perfect addition to these high-traffic areas.
“People often go walking or have a picnic in the parklands here,” said Adam. “There’s a lot of foot traffic. Automower® is quiet, non-invasive, and very safe. It’s become a curiosity for a lot of people which we really enjoy.
“Plus, we’ve never seen a member of our team complain less while cutting grass in the rain!”
When asked about his final thoughts on how Automower® has transformed Super Gardens’ landscaping services, Abdulla’s answer was simple: “It’s doing the job. It’s pretty much perfect.”

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