Husqvarna 536LiHD60X Battery Hedge Trimmer

Pushing the boundaries of what can be expected from professional outdoor battery tools, the Husqvarna 536LiHD60X hedge trimmer delivers performance that is entirely comparable with its petrol-powered counterpart – but with no direct emissions, minimum noise and extremely low vibration levels.

The ergonomic and well-balanced design, combined with the pivoting rear handle and 60cm double-sided laser cut blade, delivers comfortable and precise cutting in any position. With an efficient 4-brush motor that provides high and consistent torque, a durable gearbox and simple push-button starts, the 536LiHD60X hedge trimmer will perform beyond expectation, time after time.

The benefits of battery include; low noise levels, low vibrations and clean operation. Importantly, the new range doesn’t generate any direct emissions – providing professional operators with an extremely comfortable, exhaust emission free working environment.

All Husqvarna handheld battery products have been built around one interchangeable system. This enables the same battery to be used with a complete fleet of professional outdoor tools. The products can be bought separately, or as a kit with the best-suited battery pack and quick-charger, offering continuous operation from the get go. Husqvarna’s savE™ technology, easily activated on the intuitive keypad, optimises maximum runtime and helps get the most out of every battery charge.

For professional operators, there are many benefits to using a battery-powered product over the petrol-powered equivalent. In addition to fuel cost savings over time, the battery products also have fewer parts to be serviced. With the electronically controlled drive system, users will also experience less down time and lower operational costs over the lifetime of the machine.

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