HUSQVARNA 325HE4 Pole Hedge Trimmer

Words/ Andrew Tulloch, Images: landscape Contractor Magazine

The newest piece of gear in the Husqvarna range and only just released to the market is the 325HE4 Pole Hedge Trimmer, which I had the pleasure of using for a couple of weeks prior its release.

The 24.5cc engine with Husky’s familiar X-Torq technology is a proven reliable power plant with low exhaust emissions and increased fuel efficiency. It produces 1.0kW at 8500rpm and fuel capacity is 0.51 litres with the filler neck-extending upright, straight and unobstructed ensuring refuelling is simple.

The two-stage air filter of foam and felt is easily accessed without tools. A self-returning on/off switch is fitted, which I think is important. Protecting the rear of the engine is a circular guard that is a particularly nice touch because damage often occurs to pole hedgers when the engine is placed on the ground upright to change the cutter head angle; something that is often done numerous times on each hedge. It could also act as a point to hang the machine for storage.

The cutter head folds back flat on the shaft, which reduces the overall length and is also good for storage. I did find the plastic slide lever, which must be pulled to enable the bar to fold all the way, back hard to move, but this was possibly because machine was new. A unique twist lock adjustment enables the operator to easily adjust the cutting head angle and also lock it into place at any angle through its almost 180-degree range, not just selected positions like some others. The precision-sharpened blades produce an exceptionally neat, clean cut and finish on varied types of hedges.

The 325HE4 is well balanced making it easy to operate and very comfortable with exceptionally low vibration levels. The low vibration is thanks to the rear handgrip being independently mounted and cushioned from the shaft combined with a thick soft-front handgrip.

As always Husqvarna has put a lot of research and development into its latest upgrade of the pole hedger, creating a quality commercial machine with great features.




Engine                                     24.5cc

Output                                     1.0kW

Fuel capacity                           0.51 litres

Cutting length                         55cm/22’

Weight                                      6.4kg

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