How Premium Funding can help your business

Premium funding is a great way to smooth out your business insurance costs over the course of the year.

Premium funding involves borrowing an amount to cover the cost of the firm’s insurance premiums, in addition to interest payable on top of the amount borrowed.

It means rather than having to pay the total amount of the premium upfront, the business can pay it off in instalments, plus interest. The cost of the interest will usually be a tax deduction for the business.

“This type of funding suits businesses with lumpy cash flow”

This type of funding can be used to pay for a range of different business insurances including Tools Insurance, Liability insurance and Plant & Equipment insurance. The funder may wrap up cost of the premiums into a single loan, allowing the borrower to pay for a range of insurance policies in a single payment.

It may be an appropriate option for businesses that may not have the full amount for the total year’s insurance policy available now but have the ability to pay it off over time.

Premium funding is also an alternative to approaching a bank for funding. Premium funders typically won’t require collateral in the same way a bank may require security.

The value of premiums to be funded can vary from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the client.

Most premium funding companies allow businesses to pay off the borrowed amount over 10 months. But if the business does not repay the borrowed amount plus interest, the lender has the right to cancel the policy. The business will typically have to put forward a deposit equivalent two month’s premiums to secure funding.

If premium funding is something that may suit your business, talk to Fitzpatrick & Co. Insurance Brokers today about funding options that may suit you.

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