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How gardening and Landscaping Business helped Jason turn his life around

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Jason has gained so much confidence, and his life has turned around from when he first approached atWork Australia who aided in him with finding his first landscaping job to now owning his own weeding business.

Jason lives with an intellectual disability, Meniere’s Disease, and experiences episodic absence seizures caused by flashing lights. In addition, his confidence to be around people and form relationships was low after a physical assault in his own home years earlier.

“Jason was really depressed and in a dark place when he first came to atWork Australia,” said Tonia, Jason’s atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach. “His family and friends were very concerned about him.”

Tonia worked with Jason to rebuild his confidence in himself and his support networks, as well as providing him advice on how to apply for jobs and present for interviews.

“Together we worked on transforming his negative thinking towards a more positive approach,” said Tonia. “We also discussed the importance of being himself and doing what he loves, talking through any problems with friends and family, and taking quality rest time to reduce stress levels.”

Within two weeks of being with atWork Australia, Jason was offered a role as a gardener at Weeding Plus, a West Australian Garden and Landscaping business.

Originally employing him for eight hours a week, Jason was soon averaging 27 hours, with his employer Judy stating, “Jason is a real bonus for my business and a valued team member.”

“Jason has come a long way from where he was when he first came to atWork Australia,” says Tonia. “He is back to his happy, laughing, joking self and his friends and family couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Jason has gained so much confidence and his life has turned around. He has now started his own weeding business called Jason Williams Weeding and it’s going very well. He and his wife are now working to save a deposit to buy their first home together.

“I am very happy. I would tell anyone to join atWork Australia to get the help in finding the right job,” says Jason.

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