Hoppt’s Latest Box Plate

Buying a Hoppt machine is just the beginning.

Hoppt Australia is in the business of selling light construction equipment, delivering quality machines at competitive prices and backing it up with a no fuss attitude to get the job done.

In today’s hustle and bustle construction industry managers and contractors are under enormous pressure to meet deadlines and keep costs within budget. Reliable equipment and service are essential. “These guys just want to deal with suppliers they can trust and will back up the equipment,” says Peter Evans, Managing Director for Hoppt Australia. “We provide our customers with expert sales advice, technical support and after-sales service,” he says. The machine purchase is just the beginning.

From a construction point of view Hoppt machines have some great features.

The latest machine in the growing range of plate compactors is the CPT87B 87kg box plate model. This tried and true design incorporates a welded box plate driven by a forward positioned agitator promoting strong forward movement. The design also includes nice touches, like a cast alloy throttle lever and vibration damping rubber bushes on the handlebar mounting points. The handle bars are centre-mounted on the base of the machine making it possible to swing them over the machine to push it in the reverse direction. Added to this are lifting handles on the base, and a well positioned lifting hook.

Powered by the larger 6hp HONDA GX200, the CPT87B has the power and weight to make it versatile, robust and functional. It also complements the other four machines in the range providing an excellent choice when it’s time to buy a new forward plate compactor. Of course, it’s covered by the Hoppt 24-month warranty, and backed by the Hoppt sales and service team.

For further advice, call Hoppt at 02 8090 5999.

For more information visit http://www.hoppt.com.au

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