Honda’s blower range: be blown away!

Honda’s blower range is high performing and efficient, with the choice between petrol or battery power.

Contractors know the importance of having a high-performing leaf blower in their fleet and Honda is the ideal choice if you want contractor quality and efficiency with the option of both petrol and battery, without a compromise on performance.

HHB25 Blower

Honda’s HHB25 is the World’s first fourstroke blower and still blows strong as a contractor favourite.

With its 25cc four-stroke engine, the HHB25 Blower boasts a wind velocity of 252kph and is environmentally friendly with whisper quiet operation, and low emissions and fuel consumption. Running on regular unleaded fuel means it runs much quieter than its competitors, and it will always start first time, every time, with Honda’s famous one-pull easy start system.

The rubberised hand grip gives added comfort in the form of a vibration-isolating handle so you can work longer with less fatigue. Plus, the 360-degree operation means you can blow through those hard-toreach areas, on any awkward angle, to get to those stubborn wet leaves without making a fuss. The unique anti-suction fan cover offers improved safety and performance, making the HHB25 the blower that has everything you need and more.

With its 25cc four-stroke engine, the HHB25 Blower boasts a wind velocity of 252kph and is environmentally friendly with whisper-quiet operation, and low emissions and fuel consumption. Image: Honda

Your choice

If you have already entered the Honda Battery System, or are ready to invest in the best, Honda offers two battery blowers to choose from dependent on your required use. The HHB36BXB is Honda’s newest blower, joining the Domestic Battery Range that has been designed with residential users in mind. It is powerful and lightweight, with 210kph maximum wind speed, has variable speed control and a round nozzle providing advanced air-flow speed for all applications.

Boasting 36V battery power compatible with 2Ah, 4Ah and 6Ah Honda batteries, there is a battery and charger option available that is suited just for you.

Honda’s HHB36AXB Commercial Battery Blower is ideal for both residential and commercial users and offers robust performance that can blow through dry, wet, or heavy debris with its powerful and superior air volume.

With 36V battery power and brushless motor, this commercial battery blower features a multi-purpose dual nozzle for advanced versatility across all applications, plus a weight-assisting belt for comfortable and controlled handling.

With contractor quality that is suited for both professional users and the serious gardener, the Honda HHB36AXB delivers uncompromised performance and durability.

Compatible with 2Ah, 4Ah and 6Ah Honda batteries. Image: Honda

Buy once

When investing in a Honda Blower, you know you will only ever have to buy once. Whether you invest in petrol or battery to suit your business needs, a Honda Blower is guaranteed to provide exceptional power with user comfort, no matter the job at hand.

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Image: Honda


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