Honda HRU216 Self Propelled Mower

The HRU216 Self Propelled Mower is Honda’s flagship commercial walk behind mower and the contractors’ choice for as long as I can remember.

The reason for this is simple: it works well, it is reliable and tough – everything you need in a commercial machine. Efficiency is important to contractors and the large 21-inch cut, three- speed self-propulsion and 70-litre catcher make this an attractive machine. The base is constructed of alloy, which eliminates rust problems and in true Honda style, ensures durability and long lifespan of the product. It also reduces weight, which helps manoeuvrability around your client’s yard.

Powering the HRU216 is Honda’s famous GXV160. This engine is quiet, easy starting, powerful and extremely reliable. It also boasts a 4-year domestic warranty and an incredible 3-year commercial warranty.

Our test area was rugged and untamed, which is not really what the HRU216 is intended for, but it performed extremely well!

Four swing-back blades produce a neat, even cut whether you’re catching, mulching or rear discharging. The cut grass packs well into the catcher filling it to capacity and with the mulch plug fitted an even cut was achieved with minimal residue left on the surface of the lawn.

I like the rear discharge option. When the catcher or mulch plug is removed, the rear chute closes slightly ajar to discharge the cut grass downward safely away from the operator. Honda have their Mow-Safe technology fitted to this mower and it is an exceptional system.

This safety feature ensures that within a few seconds of the operator releasing their grip on the handlebars, the blades stop rotating, which makes it impossible for the operator to injure themselves from rotating blades whilst emptying the catcher or clearing debris from the chute. It also results in more efficient mowing because the time taken to restart the mower after moving obstacles or emptying the catcher is reduced. Another advantage is the self-propelled drive is operational without the blades rotating so the operator can safely drive over mulched or pebbled areas.

The cutting height is adjusted with a single height adjustment lever, which is a massive improvement compared to the individual wheel height adjusters you see on many machines. The individual adjusters take up valuable time because you need to constantly adjust for multiple lawns as contractors do countless times a day. The height adjuster is easily switched between positions and locks into the desired height securely. Cutting heights range from 16mm to 80mm over 11 positions ensuring the Honda HRU216 is just as capable cutting low couch grass as it is with high buffalo. As you can see from the images captured the test area was far from a manicured lawn, but the Honda HRU216 proved its worth, slashing down extremely long grass in one pass into an almost lawn-like appearance, whilst also cleanly catching the cut grass – something that would take multiple passes with other machines.

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