Honda HRU216 Back in Business

The Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Self-Propelled mower is powerful, tough and ready for work.

Honda Mowers stand in a class of their own with exceptional quality, performance, reliability and durability that they are renowned for. From features that save you time and money to technology designed to make mowing easier, Honda mowers are a smart choice with details that make a difference.

The Honda Buffalo range includes the premium HRU216 Buffalo Pro Self-Propelled mower. Ideal for the serious contractor who needs to mow with confidence, knowing that Honda will have their back with outstanding warranty protection and a nationwide dealer network.

Like all mowers in the HRU range, the HRU216 Buffalo Pro is assembled in Australia and built tough to handle all environments and conditions. Recently, the Honda Buffalo Pro underwent product improvements to eliminate any drive issues to ensure that it delivers the experience Honda customers expect and rely on to keep their business moving.

The Mow-safe technology is one of the most important product features, as the Honda Buffalo Pro successfully bridges the gap between mowing efficiency and safety. Blade brake technology stops the mower blades within three seconds of the operator releasing the handle, with the engine continuing to run. This is a timesaver when it comes to clearing away obstacles, emptying the catcher or taking a quick break. All this can be done without the need to restart the engine while still delivering safety for the operator.

Honda understands the importance to contractors in saving both time and energy when mowing large lawns. The Self-Propelled 3-speed gear box will allow you to adjust the mower’s speed between 2.5 – 5 km/h, making a huge difference to achieving a professional finish. Honda’s swing back blade system, paired with the use of the mulching function, ensures the lawn will be healthy and fertilised with a perfect Honda finish.

The legendary 4-Stroke engine runs on unleaded fuel, giving premium power and torque with the Honda reliability of a startsfirst- time engine. You’ll never find an engine easier to start than a Honda engine. The Honda Buffalo Pro is no exception when it comes to the extraordinary lengths that Honda takes to ensure best-in-market quality. The Buffalo Pro considers your business from every angle with each innovative feature designed to produce a Honda finish and to get the job done!

Honda are happy to inform that their customers can expect to see Buffalo Pro stock flowing through to dealers within the next month.

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