Honda HRU19 Buffalo Premium Push Mower

Honda has been at the forefront of push mower development for many years producing quality and reliable commercial and domestic machines.

Honda has just released its newest domestic machine: the Buffalo Premium.

One notable change on this Buffalo model is the new power plant – the GCV170 engine stays true to Honda’s reputation of being easy to start, smooth running and powerful. Other improvements over its predecessor, the GCV160, include being lighter and more powerful with reduced vibration levels and lower emissions.

I have always found that Honda mowers are very comfortable to use and by this I mean they are easy to push and manoeuvre – the new Buffalo Premium is no exception. Some mowers are uncomfortable due to weight, balance, handle bar design and angle, but Honda has always seemed to get it right so it’s no fluke that they are a sought-after choice for both contractors and home owners.

Another notable difference on this new model is no throttle adjustment or choke.

The engine brake safety lever is the on/off switch, the choke is auto and the throttle is set for cutting operation. It is extremely easy for the operator – simply hold the engine brake lever on the handlebar down and pull the cord, the engine starts first go and is ready to mow. To stop the machine, release the engine brake.

Safety is paramount with power equipment, especially mowers because they can inflict horrendous injuries. Honda’s Mow-Safeblade brake technology stops the engine within three seconds of it being released, which eliminates potential harm to the operator from rotating blades.

A single and effortless height adjustment lever with a large ball-grip knob is located on the right-hand side of the machine. A choice of 11 cutting positions from 16mm to 80mm ensures the mower is suited to all types of turf from low couch to thick high buffalo. The all new 19-inch wide chassis is constructed of cast aluminium, which eliminates the potential of rust and a handy snap-on hose fitting wash port is fitted to the top of the deck for quick and easy cleaning of the undercarriage.

Four swing-back blades provide a neat cut and an exceptional finish whilst mulching. I’m not sure if the design or setup for mulching has been changed from previous models but I found it mulched better than before. The catcher holds 54 litres and is constructed of solid, durable plastic, which I personally prefer over bag-type catchers. Grass was expelled well into the catcher filling it to capacity before any residue was left on the grass.

The new Honda HRU19 Buffalo Premium Push Mower features improvementson what was already a quality mower so there is no doubt it will be another popular choice for the domestic market or light commercial use. A very impressive four-year domestic warranty is offered by Honda providing peace of mind for the purchaser.

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