Honda HHB25 Handheld Blower

The HHB25 handheld blower from Honda has been around for a while but is still quite different to most blowers – it is a 4-stroke and the first of its kind in the world.

Honda is well known for being the driving force behind developing and manufacturing small 4-stroke engines and outdoor power equipment, which is historically 2-stroke domain.

Honda’s famous and compact GX25 engine – the lightest overhead camshaft (OHC) engine in the world and used for a vast array of equipment – is fitted to the HHB25 blower. This engine is renowned for effortless starting as well as reliability and longevity. Obvious advantages of this technology are many and include: reduced running costs compared to 2-stroke engines; time saving not mixing fuel; reduced vibrations to the operator; and quieter operation, which benefits both the operator and bystanders.

The blower has adequate power for small to medium jobs. The rubber hand grip is comfortable and the whole handle is isolated from the machine with a dampening system, which reduces vibration levels but does not eliminate vibration to the operator.

A throttle lock is located on the top of the handle enabling activation with the movement of the user’s thumb without releasing grip on the handle. A sealed rubber flap on the top of the cowl provides access to the spark plug once opened. I like this because it protects the plug and lead from the elements and eliminates damage, which often occurs with exposed plugs and leads.

Another standout feature is the protective cover over the air intake. Many handheld blowers have large slots in the face of the cover that suck in the air, but also (annoyingly) also try to suck in the user’s clothing when held in the right hand. This frustrating problem is eliminated with the Honda HHB25 because the face of the intake cover is solid with the air intake coming from the slotted edges around the outside of the cover. Competitor blowers have air intakes that are restricted by the operators legs, significantly reducing performance.

Honda HHB-25 4 stroke blower

The Honda HHB-25 is the worlds first four-stroke blower as you would expect from a 4-stroke it’s nice and quiet with a tonne of power! Great for working in noise-sensitive environments.

Posted by Landscape Contractor Magazine on Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Routine maintenance is simple – the oil reservoir dipstick is accessible, the air filter cover removes without the need for tools, and the fuel filler is slightly angled out from the machine to aid in ease of refuelling.

The Honda HHB25’s 4-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly than its 2-stroke opposition with low fuel consumption as well as lower emissions.

The Honda brand is known for its reliability and robust construction and the HHB25 is no exception, backed by a four-year domestic and one-year commercial warranty.