Honda Heritage Lawnmower

Words / Andrew Tulloch – Images / Steve Morenos for Landscape Contractor Magazine

Honda push mowers have been the contractor’s choice for many years with its range of quality, tough and reliable mowers.

This new Honda Heritage combines the old favourite features Honda buyers have come to admire along with some new technology and improvements

Powering the unit is the proven GXV160H2 engine. This four-stroke overhead valve engine with a displacement of 163cc is well known as a reliable, quiet and easy-to-start powerhouse ideally suited to this application. Four swing-back blades produce a nice cut and fill the large 54-litre solid plastic catcher to capacity before leaving any residue on the grass. An easy-fitting mulch plug converts the unit to a mulching mower in seconds without the need for tools. I found it to mulch short buffalo grass well but due to the time of year there wasn’t a lot of long grass to really put the mulcher through its paces.

The base of the handlebars – from where they attach to the chassis and to the pivot point on the handles – is hefty and solid. This is a vast improvement from older models, which often failed in this area. Another improvement is the addition of a snorkel air filter system, which is a necessity in our climate. A snap-on hose fitting wash port on the top of the deck enables fast and efficient cleaning of the undercarriage.

Eleven different height positions from 16mm to 79mm ensure the Honda Heritage is suitable for all grass types. A large amount of mowing can be undertaken before refilling is required with a fuel tank capacity of 1.5 litres.

Leading the way in safety, Honda has added its engine brake technology to this machine. This safety feature stops the engine within seconds of the operator releasing their grip on the handle, eliminating the potential for operator injury because the catcher cannot be removed with the engine running and of course, the mower cannot be started without the lever on the handlebars depressed. This technology and the improvements add to the weight of the machine so it is heavier than older units and therefore a bit harder to lift onto a ute, but the safety factor outweighs this minor issue.

As always, this Honda mower performs well and is well balanced making it easy to push and manoeuvre. Peace of mind is assured with a four-year domestic warranty and a commercial warranty covering the engine for three years with the remainder of the machine for six months.




Engine                              Honda GXV160H2

Displacement                   163cc

Cutting width                  19 inches

Fuel capacity                      1.5 litres

Cutting height                  16-79mm (11 positions)

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