Hitachi and Glascott Landscape and Civil

Peter Cairns, Queensland Regional Manager at Hitachi dealer Glasscott Landscape and Civil.

Hitachi and Glascott Landscape and Civil, a southern-Queensland based landscaping and civil-construction company, have recently formed what looks to be an enduring bond.  Glascott has recently purchased a pair of Hitachi excavators and couldn’t be happier with the result. The company is so happy it’s ordered two more.

Glascott Landscape and Civil – just ‘Glascott’ in everyday discussion – has the experience, knowledge, and skills to handle even the most challenging and unique landscape construction, and provides post-construction maintenance services that safeguard new landscapes and establish growth.

Beyond construction, Glascott Landscape and Civil can provide ongoing project maintenance designed to address deterioration and sub-optimum performance, reducing reactive spend and extending the life of landscapes.

After many years using another brand of excavator, Glascott has moved to Hitachi, and the change wasn’t driven only by the performance of the machinery.

A new Hitachi excavator shift earth on a Glascott and Civil work site.
Hitachi the company has clearly performed well for Glascott. Image: Hitachi CM

Service specialists

As the time to replace a couple of the company’s small excavators approached, Queensland Regional Manager, Peter Cairns, began exploring his options.

“When I was looking for a machine back in August and September last year, I rang multiple dealers for different brands,” recalled the cheerful Queenslander. “No one would get back to me, they all gave me the same runaround, and it got a bit tiring.

“And their wait lists were huge. The brand we’d been using – and we’d had five or six of their machines – wasn’t willing to do anything to assist us.”

Eventually Peter’s research led him to Julian Korherr from Hitachi’s Brisbane branch, and after the initial contact everything went seamlessly.

“Julian called me back and said he’d get something across to me within the hour, and it’d be the best deal he could do. We looked at it, assessed it, and signed it that afternoon,” said Cairns, still sounding impressed with the service he’d received. Since that first contact, Julian has taken care of predelivery, met Peter onsite, led a walk-through of Hitachi’s head office at Wacol, and was on site when the new machines were unloaded.

“He’s followed our whole journey,” beamed Peter. “All the way along. He’s turned up and asked, ‘Hey, where’s that machine?’ I’ve given him an address and he’s gone to the site to speak to the operators and check if the machine needed any tweaks.”

Peter’s satisfaction with his new supplier didn’t stop with its representative.

“It’s not just Julian,” he said. “It’s Hitachi, making sure everything’s okay, giving us the best price, and they’re willing to work with us to make things happen.”

Glascott is running the twonew ZX85-5s, excavators.
Currently Glascott is running the two new ZX85-5s, and they’re clearly doing the job being asked of them. Image: Hitachi CM

New order

Currently Glascott is running the two new ZX85-5s, and they’re clearly doing the job being asked of them. Peter sites the versatility and general capabilities of the two mini excavators as exceptional, and their performance and the service from Hitachi made it easy to decide Glascott’s next move.

“Julian took us on a site tour of Hitachi’s headquarters at Wacol here in Queensland. We went through the machines looking for a small excavator to get into the smaller spaces and the ZX38U-5, with its closedin cab, looked to be just what we needed. So we put in and order for one of those, and we’ll take delivery around September this year.

“Then I came across the ZX65USB-5.

“We currently have a five-ton in another brand that’s coming to the end of its time, so I spoke to Julian about whether we should go for a five-ton or a 6.5. We ended up putting in another order for a ZX65USB-5 closed-cab. Delivery’s probably around October or November,” smiled the obviously very happy manager.

Glascott Landscape andCivil has moved to Hitachi.
After many years using another brand of excavator, Glascott Landscape and Civil has moved to Hitachi. Image: Hitachi CM

Satisfied customer

Hitachi the company has clearly performed well for Glascott, but what about the machines themselves?

“Fantastic!” asserted Peter.

“The operators love being in the machines, they have a good spec for the work we ask them to do, and they perform exceptionally well.

“It’s great to see good gear out on our construction sites.”

Learn more of Hitachi excavators at

A drone shot of a new Hitachi Excavator on site for Glascott and Civil
Image: Hitachi CM


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