Hitachi and Civilspec Resources

Hitachi and Civilspec Resources face some serious challenges for operators and machinery in Western Australia harsh terrain. Both CJ Devereux and her Hitachi ZX55U-5 excavator are equal to the task.

Civilspec Resources, based in North Coogee, WA, specialises in final-trim excavation and covers the full spectrum of earthworks for civil construction, including detailed works, trenching, retaining walls, unground services, plus wet and dry machine hire. Under the guidance of owner/director CJ Devereux, Civilspec prides itself on a strong work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction, delivering superior detailed work on every job it undertakes, regardless of scale or challenge.

Civilspec’s choice of machinery?


No downtime in two years of hard work.

Couldn’t be happier

“Currently I have a ZX55U-5 Hitachi excavator,” said an energetic and enthusiastic West Aussie. “I’ve had the machine just under two years.”

CJ spends her time on challenging WA worksites, and both as an operator and company director, she’s a glowing advertisement for the Civilspec and the Hitachi brand.

“I’ve taken the excavator to remote Newman in the rocky gravel,” she recounted, “and I tell you what, you see all those other machines breaking down. But I haven’t had one problem. It doesn’t matter what conditions they’re tackling, the ZX55U-5 is incredibly reliable.

“Constantly around the clock,” she pointed out. “I keep up with regular servicing, and I’ve never had any downtime. Not in two years of hard work. “It’s fantastic.”

Using Hitachi machinery and under the guidance of owner/director CJ Devereux, Civilspec Resources prides itself on a strong work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction.


CJ sites WA’s hard ground conditions as especially tough for excavators, but has had occasions where heat played its part. One site with an ambient temperature of 42 degrees holds strong memories for her.

As tough as some of the working conditions may be, CJ sites the cabin of the Hitachi excavator as every bit as fit for purpose as the machine itself.

“It’s incredibly comfortable,” the Perth operator said. “I’ve had people pulling me out of the cabin at the end of shifts because I’ve lost track of time, and I sometimes work through breaks and don’t even notice. “The cab has everything I need.”

It doesn’t seem like CJ has any plans of backing off the pace any time soon. “I love this work too much to get off the Hitachi ZX55U-5,” she concluded, heading towards the waiting excavator.

We weren’t surprised when her final parting shot, delivered over her shoulder, was, “We have plans for expansion!”

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