Higher profits are portable!

Flipscreen screening buckets can be found in many aspects of the landscaping industry.

It is common for Landscape contractors to use Flipscreen buckets for site works such as the removal of sod/ turf successfully by screening out the topsoil and therefore removing only a small amount of vegetation.

The Flipscreen is also an excellent separator. Landscaping contractors are therefore able to remove sticks, stumps and other debris from a site giving you a clean slate to work with. Many grades of gravel and Gabion rocks can be achieved by changing the meshes, which takes under 5 minutes without tools.

The resultant aggregates are used for various jobs around the site, such as clean fill or crushed for sub base use or building a road.

Another application for Flipscreen screening attachments in the landscaping industry is in landscape supply yards, where incoming soil can be screened into a highly organic soil, which is a high-profit saleable product. Decomposed green waste can also be screened into valuable compost, etc.

Landscapers have spoken about the greatly reduced labour cost when using “freshly” screed topsoil in seed areas. The savings of which equals the soil cost by using fresh not compacted soil.

Where roots and other contaminants are present, Flipscreen can save a fortune by separating debris from organics rather than hauling and replacing. The ability to be able to handle the material once only saves massive time and being able to screen on site reduces cash out the pocket.

The profit opportunity that many landscapers may be missing is the cost of either tipping fees or travel cost to dump material that can and should be recycled.

With a Flipscreen you now have a tool that many competitors don’t, which adds a greater service offering to prospective customers. Rock up to a site with your skid or mini excavator on the trailer, with the Flispcreen attached, and you have a fully operating screening plant ready to go.

This technology is what it is said to be in engineering and functional terms but also adds the potential to change the way a landscape operation does business.

It improves profitability and is a profit centre, not an expense.

Many people worry about screening sticky soil such as clay or the threat of rain. Well, the Flipscreen has a unique brush that clears the mesh on every rotation. This keeps the mesh clear and the material screening out as you rotate the attachment. The Flipscreen has been shown to be an industry leader in these conditions.

There are multiple benefits to having a Flipscreen onsite, such as laying topsoil with the attachment as you drive and dropping the leftover oversize into your truck. Dig into the ground and go again.

More to the actual machine, a Flipscreen has almost no maintenance, and because you don’t need to shake it, you are saving your carrier from an early demise. The plug and play simplicity of the machine, and its utility on-site, make it a money-making companion, which is greatly appreciated amongst contractors who own one.

For more information on the world’s best screening attachment: Worlds No.1 Screening Bucket – Screen Any material on-site! (flipscreen.net)

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