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A growing number of landscape contractors are recognising the value of using wood chippers in their day-to-day operations.

Investing in a chipper from Hansa is the one piece of equipment that you can buy for your business to help it grow – cutting your transport costs, satisfy your customers by leaving the grounds tidy and do your part for the environment.

Because of its compact and self-feeding design, the Hansa C21 machine is a firm favourite among contractors. Its road towable build means it can be easily transported to location and can be manoeuvred by hand to access areas with restricted space. The world-class chipper boasts an extremely heavy-duty cutting disk enabling it to handle the rigorous needs of the most demanding operator.

“One of my favourite features of the C21 is that it’s road towable; it makes it so much easier to use in different locations, you’re not restricted. And of course, the safety is first class on the C21,” said long time Hansa user, John Biesebroek.

Or for serious contractors looking to take on bigger jobs, the C27 brush chipper is hard to beat. The entry model hydraulic chipper is designed for professional use in tight spaces. Making it the preferred machine for serious landscapers, suburban arboriculture businesses, parks and reserves, local bodies, orchards and hire centres. It features an innovative 360-degree turn-table design, which allows feeding and discharging from any direction.

Chris Corfe, owner of Mark Doyle Tree Work owns a variety of Hansa chippers, one being a C27.

“The 360° rotating outlet chute is ideal for us. As the rotor blows the team can change the direction of the chute blowing chips from the truck or stockpile in seconds.”

The powerful hydraulic feed system of the C27 also means it can handle a broad variety of material that you might expect from a bigger chipper. Its 7” x 13” wide feed opening is a versatile size that directs forked, bushy and twisted branches into the machine with ease.

“The quality of the machines is built to last, and the Hansa team are always evolving the chippers to make jobs easier for arborists.”

The Best, From Every Angle

The C27 chipper. If the landscapes you work in demand manoeuvrability then this versatile chipper with a clever 360 degree turn-table design will be hard to ignore. Feed from any direction, discharge straight into your tow vehicle, and do it all while staying coupled the entire time.

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