Ground breaking Tiller for all your needs

We all know that tillers are an invaluable tool to many farmers and gardeners out there; breaking the ground and mixing soil without one is not only time consuming but exhausting.

There are many different types of tillers that are out there in the market, but the most sought out after are the rear-tine tiller, like the Parklander 196cc rear-tine tiller cultivator (PRTT-460). Sporting a 4.8KW, 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engine, this robust machine will break up hard ground with ease.It includes a simple forward and reverse lever action, freewheeling made for easy transport, adjustable depth gauge and a purpose built clutch to control the machine with ease.

Cutting hedge technology
Not sure what hedge trimmer would be a right fit for you and your garden? The Parklander 24” cut commercial hedge trimmer (PROTHT230) is the answer you’ve been looking for. If you have a bigger garden there’s no denying that a powerful, petrol powered hedge trimmer is the only way to go. The PRO-THT230 comes with a 0.9KW, 2-stroke TAS engine, dual 600mm 24” blades, 180° rear swivel handle, anti-vibration system for less fatigue and is extremely lightweight, weighing at only 5.2kg.

Cut through the confusion with the Parklander 20” chainsaw
With so many chainsaws out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when picking a chainsaw that is right for your needs. At Parklands they aim to make the choice as easy as possible, the Parklander top handle chainsaw 20” cut (PSW-52Y) is the perfect tool to get the job done. The PSW-52Y is powerful enough to cut with ease but is also extremely lightweight to manoeuvre. Utilising a 2.2KW, 2-stroke engine with 2-piston rings, 20” bar & chain rear handle, anti-vibration system for less fatigue and weighing only 4.4kg, it’s easy to see why these chainsaws are so popular with contractors.

What to look for in a log splitter
The Parklander petrol dual action 35 ton vertical / horizontal log splitter (PLS-35T-L) will save you plenty of time this winter, and will minimise the work you would have to normally do if you we’re to use an axe to split your wood. The PLS-35T-L has got you covered for your entire log splitting needs, the machine has an optional 4-way wedge attachment for splitting wood effortlessly; the benefit of this is that it is perfect way to split your kindling. This machine boasts a 6.7KW, 4-stroke OHV engine with 35 ton ram, tow hitch for easy transportation, a 2 way split, for splitting in both directions and includes a one year domestic warranty.

Versatility at its finest
Wood chippers and shredders have a wide range of different uses, from reducing garden waste to using the chippings as mulch to retain moisture in your soil. That’s why you need to understand the type of wood chipper and shredder you need for your garden. The Parklander chipper / shredder (PSC-76-L) is the perfect addition to your arsenal. The PSC-76-L comes with a powerful 4.8KW, Loncin engine and two screens to produce fine coarse mulch. If you are working with bigger branches up to 3”, palms or stringy material this machine will be able to make quick work out of them.

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