GREENWORKS is a leading brand in the outdoor power equipment industry. Having made a significant impact on the market in the United States and other key Global Markets, JAK Max brought the GREENWORKS range to Australia as the exclusive distributor in 2019 and is now set to launch the highly anticipated 82V Commercial Product line to the Australian market.

The company

GREENWORKS was founded in 2007 with the goal of revolutionising the outdoor power equipment industry by providing an efficient alternative to traditional petrolpowered products. The company’s vision was to create high-quality tools powered by batteries, eliminating the need for petrol and reducing environmental impact. With this vision, GREENWORKS quickly gained recognition as a pioneer in the battery-powered outdoor power equipment industry.

Since its inception, GREENWORKS has been committed to continually being at the forefront of battery technology and innovation. The company has continuously invested in research and development to improve the performance and durability of its tools, resulting in over 1000 patents on its products, and over 70 patents for invention, with factories on three continents.

The products

GREENWORKS has focused on making its products user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of consumers – homeowner, DIYer and professional landscaper – with a variety of voltage platforms encompassing 24V, 40V, 60V and 82V.

2016 was a key moment in GREENWORKS’ company history, with the introduction of its 82V range of tools, ‘GREENWORKS Commercial’. The range is specifically designed for professional users who require powerful and reliable tools for landscaping and lawn-care needs.

GREENWORKS Commercial offers a wide range of battery-powered tools, including:
• Zero-turn mowers
• Stand-on mowers
• UTVs
• Lawnmowers
• String trimmers
• Blowers
• Hedge trimmers, and
• Chainsaws

All GREENWORKS products are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty use in commercial applications.

The GREENWORKS Commercial range is
specifically designed for professional users
who require powerful and reliable tools for
landscaping and lawn-care needs.
Pro quality

GREENWORKS Commercial has gained significant traction in the commercial market since release, fast becoming the preferred choice for many professional landscapers and lawn-care contractors. GREENWORKS Commercial offers a complete battery solution for the contractor, with products to suit every requirement.

Being at the forefront of the commercialbattery industry, many models are on their second and third generation of development, making the Greenworks Commercial outdoor power equipment range an easy choice for landscape contractors.

Coming soon

JAK Max is looking forward to June 1.
On that day a whole host of new GREENWORKS products will be launched to the Australian market, including the latest generation in battery zero-turn mowers, the Optimus Z range. Optimus Z units are going to be market leaders, with the best runtime and performance. The new 30″ self-propelled mower, 1.2kw string trimmer – with the power to-weight ratio of a 31cc petrol outfit – and 3.4kW chainsaws are also generating a huge amount of interest in the contractor market.

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