GREENWORKS® self-propelled lawnmowers

GREENWORKS® self-propelled lawnmowers will turn heads and make the competition jealous with performance, intelligence and innovative independence that they’ll wish they had.

GREENWORKS self-propelled lawnmower 25″

The muscle of this mower flexes with its heavy duty 25″ heavy-duty steel deck and with more intelligent power than any of its 160cc comparable petrol competitors. The 25″ cut delivers superior cut quality with premium blade speed, ranging between 4000rpm and 4500rpm.

This mower features dual, counter-rotating mulching blades for the best quality cut, providing a 30 per cent better cut quality, and the large 25″ deck gives the user a 20 per cent quicker cut time compared to 21″ competitors. Runtime is a sure thing, up to 90 minutes on a single charge, with the dual battery ports and the powerfully tough commercial grade motor allowing effortless manoeuverability, giving increased traction up hills and slopes, and cutting through the thickest challenges with ease. It also provides a higher lift for the best cut in any condition.

The single-lever height adjustment quickly raises or lowers the deck for different grass conditions, with seven positions for precise mowing, and the handle adjusts for the user’s height and folds down for easy storage.

Designed to be quiet, at only 79dB, mow your lawns when the petrol guys can’t. Forget the petrol, oil, sparkplug, fuel filter, and air filter. Enjoy fume- and emission-free mowing.

Quiet at only 79dB, you can mow your lawns when the petrol guys can’t. Image: Greenworks

Features include:
• 160cc petrol-powered equivalent
• 25″ commercial-grade 14-gauge steel deck
• Mow up to 1.5 acres on a single charge
• Commercial-grade brushless motor
• Two-in-1 cutting system
• Seven-position height-adjustment system
• Dual port system provides more power and doubles runtime, and
• Recommended retail: $1349 (skin only).

GREENWORKS self-propelled lawnmower 30″

Featuring some of the best modern technological advances in outdoor power equipment, the GREENWORKS® 82V 30″ self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with two independently controlled hub wheel motors and twin dual brushless cutting motors delivering more power than 200cc petrol mowers. The ETS (Easy Turn System) drive system automatically adjusts the power to compensate for sloped conditions and effortless control.

Constant power and torque is directed to the hub motors, providing faster cutting speeds and more torque than petrol units. It is also the first push lawnmower to have a reverse function to easily power out of tight areas.

Petrol units lack the technology to adapt to grass conditions on the fly and are limited to only 3600rpm on average, leading to uncut grass, clumping and inefficient bag collection. With independent brushless motors, GREENWORKS® mowers achieve higher blade-tip speeds and automatically increase power to maintain consistency throughout the cut. Our intelligent mowers never bog down, even in the tallest, thickest and wettest grass.

Designed for the commercial landscaper, the 82V 30” lawnmower boasts an extralarge grass bag that carries 12 per cent more clippings than comparable units, and has independently controlled wheels for optimised traction. It also includes a smart LCD screen that provides the status of the lawnmower (battery status, speed control, blade speed and error codes), and a tri-port powerhead that holds three batteries for continuous runtime.

Runtime is a sure thing, up to 90 minutes on a single charge. Image: Greenworks

Features include
• 224cc petrol-powered equivalent
• 30″ commercial-grade 12-gauge steel deck
• Mow up to two acres on a single charge
• Tri-port powerhead holds up to three batteries to deliver superior runtime
• Independently controlled wheel motors for optimised traction and manoeuverability
• High-visibility LED light for navigating in low-light conditions
• Dual sealed motors provide up to 16,000ft/ min blade-tip speed for best cutting performance
• $2999 (skin only).

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Image: Greenworks
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