GREENWORKS OptimusZ 60″ zero-turn

The environmentally friendly GREENWORKS OptimusZ 60″ zero-turn offers one of the safest and best-performing battery technologies on the market.

The GREENWORKS OptimusZ 60″ zero-turn is ‘the ultimate productivity machine’ according to its manufacturer.

Engineered for all-day commercial use, the built-in battery module on the 24kwH CZ60R has safe LFP (lithium-phosphate) cell technology and, depending on load, allows landscapers to mow up to 21 acres with up to eight hours runtime.

The 82V Prismatic LFP battery tech is notable for a few different high points, but a big one is safety. These batteries won’t ignite if there’s an issue with a battery pack. They only smoulder.

Other interesting traits include a lifespan of up to 2000 full charge cycles, and the fact they retain 70 per cent of original output once end-of-life is reached. That allows the battery to be run down to zero per cent and charge without issue. Operation is quiet, and high-intensity 360° LED lighting opens the door for earlier starts, longer working hours, more business opportunities and increased profitability.

Intelligent response

A constant 19,000FPM blade-tip speed, controlled by GREENWORKS’ SmartCut Blade Management System and powered through the CZ60R’s high-performance 1.8kW Blade Motor System, is one of the highest blade-tip speeds in its class of battery and petrol zero turns. There are no belts or pulleys, so there’s no slipping or loss of power in heavy conditions, and the CZ60R automatically adjusts to various grass conditions. The high speeds mean shorter job times, and an intelligent 3-in-1 blade controller ensures responses to changing conditions are instant, allowing the blade motors to maintain consistent blade speed and prevent the bogging often found in petrol mowers and underpowered electric motors.

A state-of-the art traction-control system controls responses to changing conditions, applying power when needed, leaving the driver free to concentrate on getting the best result on inclines, declines and through tall, thick and wet grass.

As far as we could tell, the high speed of the blades didn’t result in any decrease in the quality of the cut, and while we didn’t run the machine into any unexpectedly swampy ground, it performed well across the varied conditions at our farm test site, allowing fast and efficient cutting. Even in some fairly long grass where we were expecting the GREENWORKS OptimusZ 60″ zero-turn to struggle it didn’t slow up at all.

GREENWORKS’ hub motors and planetary gearboxes allow the entire drive system to be placed outside of the frame.

High comfort level

GREENWORKS’ hub motors and planetary gearboxes allow the entire drive system to be placed outside of the frame, resulting in the OptimusZ range having the lowest centre of gravity in the industry. The inhub planetary wheel motors also make for very smooth drive, high torque and speeds of up to 25.7kph, and we have to say, it’s a very comfortable ride for the driver. The suspension seat is a winner, and a touchscreen LED control contributes to reduced stress for the operator as well. The IPX56-rated screen allows adjusting drive speed and blade speed on the go with just a fingertip, and nice touches like the USB charging ports, phone storage and even a couple of water-bottle holders make for a well-thought-out pro-standard unit.

It’s not just the LED screen which can cope with moisture. The whole mower carries the IPX56 rating. The CZ60R has a real-time 4G+GPS connectivity, so fleet management via the unit’s software and the GREENWORKS Commercial app is very efficient. It means usage statistics and live insights into battery status system functions are available with a quick glance at a connected phone, laptop or tablet. Also, the 4G module enables over-theair (OTA) software updates to guarantee the machine is always up to date.

The suspension seat is a winner.

A great package all round

GREENWORKS backs the unit with a five-year/2000-hour commercial warranty, and things like the 360-degree ‘Halo’ LED lighting, amber strobe, and the fact there are 25 patents applying to this mower all reinforce its claim to be one of the most advanced ZTRs available.

As an overall, professional zero-turn, it’s hard to find fault with the OptimusZ CZ60R. It’s fast, smooth, quiet, and a pleasure to use. Our test driver, Finn Wilson of MP Garden Maintenance, came up with a great summation: “What I love about this mower is the simplicity of everything,” he explained. “We’ve got a simple ‘on’ button, and the settings are right there – mower speed, blade speed, height – all right next to the driver.

“And the speed on this thing is crazy. You can basically up the speed from zero per cent all the way up to 100 per cent, and its top speed is super-fast.”

That’s the kind of thing we like to see in professional equipment.

There’s no slipping or loss of power in heavy conditions, and the CZ60R automatically adjusts to various grass conditions.

Commercial OptimusZ CZ60R 24kwH 60” zero-turn specifications

Weight: 725.7kg
Length: 187.5cm
Height: 118.6cm
Width (with discharge): 186.7cm
Deck widths available: 48″ 52″ 60″
Forward speed: 0-25.7kph
Mowing speed: 0-19.3kph
Reverse speed: 0-8.0 kph
Cutting speed: 19,000FPM constant
Cutting height range: 2.5cm – 12.5cm
Runtime: Up to eight hours
Charge time: Seven hours standard charger. Three hours with SuperCharger
Petrol equivalent: 1000cc/38hp

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