Greenwalls the new billboards

The Greenwall Company continues to innovate in the greening of commercial buildings across Australia with their latest project, the billboard greenwall.
Located in the heart of Sydney’s Green Square precinct, an area already known for their passion for creating environmentally friendly spaces for the local community, this greenwall billboard is a perfect fit.
Mark Paul, founder of The Greenwall Company says, “This was a really fun project to work on. We always love to push the boundaries and continue on our mission to green the built environment.”
The Greenwall Billboard spans over 43m2 in size and comprises 13 of The Greenwall Company’s standard panels along with four custom made panels.
The plants were chosen for the wall based on the southerly aspect and include:
• Ferns
• Spider plants
• Lilies
• Bromeliads
• Fuchsias
The Greenwall billboard is fitted with an automated irrigation system, the equivalent of a shower per day to maintain.

Made with 94% of the materials recycled, it is an innovative way to take waste products destined for Australian landfill to reduce our carbon footprint, while creating a beautiful space.

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