Greenlines Gardenware kicked off in 2005, and founder Gerry Boerlage was on a mission to find an alternative to the heavy, time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly traditional garden-edging systems in use at the time. His research and development resulted in him founding and launching Formboss®, an industry-first garden-edging system with a new level of safety, durability and ease of installation, which has become the preferred garden-edging system for most landscaping projects across Australia.

Almost 20 years later Greenlines Gardenware has become the supplier of the country’s most recognised and often-used brand, Formboss, in metal garden edging, with distributors and resellers nationwide.

Founder and CEO Gerry Boelarge said, “Greenlines Gardenware is a 100 per cent Australian-owned company headquartered in Melbourne, focused on innovation for both its products and how it can continuously work well with landscapers.”

Specialising in simple, easy-to-use 100 per cent Australian-made steel, FormBoss garden edging products allow for a beautifully built and finished garden that will set the standard for any neighbourhood or region. A team of experts is available to assist with any queries, whether it’s advice on a project or a solution to any landscape-edging challenges.

FormBoss – the metal garden edging hero

From straight lines to sweeping curves that conform to any shape, FormBoss will enhance a garden’s aesthetic and improve a home’s value. It’s an easy, uncomplicated solution, and Greenlines Gardenware, through its extensive stock holding at its warehouse and manufacturing base in Melbourne, has supplied many thousands of kilometres of FormBoss — some to projects boasting several kilometres of metal garden edging alone!

“Our ability to provide customers with what they want, when they want it, including any customisation, is supported by our extensive national distributor and reseller network,” said Peter Boerlage, Sales Manager FormBoss. “That means landscapers, council project managers, architects and designers can confidently plan, execute and deliver on their projects.”

FormBoss will enhance a garden’s aesthetic.

A company you can trust

Be confident in the professional level of expertise when choosing FormBoss metal garden accessories.

 For more information log on to or call 13 11 37. 

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