GRASS-CEL 100% Australian Made

Work with Grass-Cel to support sustainability and Australian manufacturing – recycling wheelie bins to Grass-Cel Permeable Paving Systems. “Breathing New Life into Plastic”.

Built from the ground up, Grass-Cel is a family run business celebrating over 45 years in the industry. From humble Aussie backyards and driveways to some of Australia’s most prestigious golf clubs, corporate headquarters and local government locations, it has been quietly keeping high traffic lawns looking beautiful for years. Grass-Cel is the original Australian made porous turf paving block, made up of precisely arranged hexagonal cells that allow the blocks to be clipped together using tabs and slots to create a mat of any size.

Each hexagonal cell has a round opening at the base to allow for drainage, permitting air, water and nutrients to move from the surface to the sub-soil. The cells can be filled with top soil to create high traffic turfed areas or can be filled with gravel and used as a porous pebble retention system, depending on your preference and environment.

Grass-Cel is specifically engineered for strength and stability with a weight bearing capability of over 260 tonnes per square metre. The environmental aspects of any project are of increasing importance in our modern world. Grass-Cel is manufactured from 100 per cent recycled HDPE plastic sourced from broken “wheelie bins”.

This also has the added benefit of making Grass-Cel highly durable and resistant.

Grass-Cel is a Certified Eco-Label and recognised as a preferred Environmentally Friendly Product. Grass-Cel is certified with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). GECA is Australia’s only ego-labelling organisation and is recognised internationally by The Green Building Council of Australia’s “Green Star” program. Grass-Cel, Gravel-Cel and Pebble-Cel are their registered Trade Marks and the same product.

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