Grants to improve energy efficiency

Grants to improve energy efficiency for small- and medium-sized enterprises are available for businesses to upgrade or replace inefficient equipment and implement other energy-efficiency activities. The program assists businesses to lower their energy use and improve their energy efficiency. It will also contribute to easing energy price fluctuations for businesses.

Small and medium businesses can apply for grants to improve energy efficiency valued between $10,000 and $25,000 in Round 2, which will open for applications over five consecutive business days, from Thursday February 22, 2024.

Up to $41.2 million will be available in grants to help businesses fund a range of energy efficiency activities, such as:
* Upgrading or replacing inefficient technologies with more efficient models
* Improving space and water heating systems
* Conducting energy audits, and
* Installing energy-monitoring systems.

Grants will be awarded to eligible applicants in order of application receipt in each state and territory. Applications may close early if all allocated funds for Round 2 are exhausted.

Apply even if you missed out on Round 1

If you applied in Round 1 and did not receive funding, the government encourage you to consider reapplying for Round 2. Eligibility requirements have changed since Round 1, so please check the Round 2 grant guidelines carefully.

To learn more about how other businesses have used similar grant funding, read the case studies from the Energy Efficiency Communities Program:

Port Phillip Estate
Thredbo Valley Distillery

You can sign up for alerts on current and future Australian grant opportunities at GrantConnect.

How to apply

To start preparing your application, read the grant guidelines.

Round 2 applications in each state and territory will open for applications over five consecutive business days, starting from Thursday February 22, 2024. This will give ease of access to apply for a grant in the Business Grants Hub portal. It will not affect the amount of funding available in each state or territory.

You must apply in the application round for the state or territory where your grant project will be physically located.

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