Grants awarded for soil carbon measurement technology trials

Eight projects will share $28.9 million in grants to accelerate the development of promising technologies that have undergone feasibility studies.

The grant recipients will develop and demonstrate innovative soil organic carbon measurement technologies across a range of Australian agricultural landscapes and production systems. The $50 million National Soil Carbon Innovation Challenge is part of the Government’s commitment to supporting carbon farming. The Government is taking steps to better equip Australian farmers and land managers to reduce emissions, increase carbon sequestration and participate in carbon markets.

The Challenge aims to reduce the cost of reliably measuring soil organic carbon. This will improve the accessibility of information and measurement tools for farmers and land managers to manage their soils and demonstrate how they are reducing Australia’s emissions.

Grant recipients

Agrimix Pty Ltd: fully integrated SOC measurement using CO2 flux, remote sensing and models: $3,233,725

Agriprove Pty Ltd: multi-band SAR and optics as a novel soil carbon measurement technology: $9,240,000

Carbon Link Operations Pty Ltd: Technology for lower cost & accurate Australia-wide soil carbon projects: $2,305,674

Carbon Project Australia Pty Ltd: Commercialise Carbon Project device and data analysis software: $2,401,520

Cloud Agronomics Pty Ltd: kicking the $3/Ha goal by fusing SOC samples with remote sensing/ML” $1,819,621

Hone Carbon Pty Ltd: On-farm deployment of Hone Lab Red, a low-cost SOC measurement tool

Sensorc Pty Ltd: rapid assessment of soil parameters (RASP) to manage and quantify soil carbon: $2,250,928

The University of Queensland: proximal and remote sensing for low-cost soil carbon stock estimation: $4,346.681

The Challenge aims to reduce the cost of reliably measuring soil organic carbon

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