Got some concrete to cut or break?

Then Wacker Neuson has a range of concrete cutting saws and petrol driven jack hammers that makes light work of even the toughest demolition project.

Often the first job to do on a landscape construction project is to demolish or cut for realignment of existing concrete paths, driveways, curb and channel or walls to name a few. This is why Wacker Neuson has developed their range of demolition equipment to ensure contractors make light work of even the toughest demolition project.

The BTS635s held cutting saw is ideal for those quick cutting jobs where a floor saw is too large for the job.

The BTS635s is extremely durable and robust thanks to high quality manufacturing standards of their individual components. The design is perfectly balanced, making for easy and accurate cutting whether a path or a wall.

The powerful 5.8hp (4.3Kw) air-cooled two-cycle petrol engine has high torque and perfect power transmission.  The 3-stage air filter system ensures the highest service life on the market and optimal engine protection. The “Soft start” no effort rewind starter and low hand arm vibration levels ensure optimum occupational health and safety for the operator. These powerful saws not only just cut concrete, with a range of diamond blades and abrasive blades available the BTS635s will cut concrete, green concrete, asphalt and steel just to name a few. Cutting retaining wall steel or pipes is easy and as safe as possible with the BTS635s. Have you ever used an angle grinder to do this?

The petrol driven floor saw range by Wacker Neuson is particularly characterised by its superior cutting performance. All model versions are up to 20 per cent faster than comparable devices so that the BFS series offers the highest cutting speed with quiet operation. This is because the torque that is transmitted to the diamond blade and the centre of gravity that is above the cutting shaft are efficiently adapted to each other. With floor saws that range in size from 12-inch blades to 20-inch blades, Wacker Neuson once again make light work of even the toughest demolition project.

Have you ever seen a petrol driven jack hammer? If you said “no” you’re not alone, but you’ll be amazed to know that Wacker Neuson have been manufacturing petrol driven jack hammers in Germany since the 1960s.

“But why a petrol driven jack hammer?” you may ask. The simple answer is portability, versatility and profitability, that’s why. All other jack hammers require a separate power supply to run.

A pneumatic jack hammer needs a large volume compressor to run and electric jack hammers require electricity to run. If close to a power source, electric jack hammers are relatively easy use, however electric extension leads are usually required and they can get in the way and be damaged.

If a power source isn’t available, let’s say working in a local government park, then a generator is required. Large volume compressors are usually trailer mounted and need to be towed to the job site and get as close to the work zone as possible.

Once again the job site is a local park, then access to the work may be restricted due to sensitive gardens or lawns that can’t have vehicle traffic. Not a problem for Wacker Neuson because their petrol driven jack hammers have their own power source, which makes them very portable, versatile and most importantly, profitable!

Wacker Neuson is your partner of choice for demolition! And if we consider their excavator range, wheeled and tracked site dumpers and wheeled loaders, how can you go past Wacker Neuson as your partner of choice for all of your construction needs.

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