Global Engineering creates cutting edge pavers that eat pollution

Global engineering sees the most advanced pollution eating, self-cleaning pavers on the Australian market.

Take an ordinary paver, mix in an agent called a photo-catalyzer (titanium dioxide), which speeds up the natural process that breaks down pollution and start paving. It is that simple.

The pavers generate a photocatalytic process that replicates the way trees naturally exchange noxious pollutant gases and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, turning them into pure oxygen. Paving an area of 1000 square metres with ecoTop pavers is equivalent to planting 80 deciduous trees with the same air cleaning impact on the environment.

The extraordinary technology was developed to protect buildings and masonry pavements from the ravages of pollution, mould, and lichen.

The manufacturers then discovered that the self-cleaning ecoTop pavers exhibited remarkable pollution eating properties as well.

Senini Asia Pacific states that European and American authorities have found that the ecoTop range reduces pollution in paved areas by anywhere between 20 to 70 percent.

Another benefit of the pavers, particularly for the Australian market, is that through surface ‘hemispherical emissivity’, they significantly reduce heat absorption, having great solar reflective values.

In terms of the longevity of their photocatalytic reaction, extensive testing simulating 55 years of severe and extreme weather conditions showed that there was no significant reduction in the efficacy of the pavers.

The results show they are a winner for all including the environment.

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