Getting your lawn summer ready

The Big Roo is the perfect choice.

With summer fast approaching you may be thinking about heading to the beach or going to the pub with your mates, but don’t forget that with sunshine comes a thirsty lawn. Aerating, fertilising, watering and mowing your lawn should not come as a surprise when it is time to maintain a healthy lawn, but how do you prepare your lawn for the harshness of the summer sun?

Mowing your lawn regularly during spring will help strengthen the roots and make your grass sturdy. This may seem obvious to a lot of you, but did you know that mowing your lawn in a different pattern each time will help prepare your lawn for summer? During summer you want to raise the cutting height of your mower to leave the grass just a little longer to shade the soil better and retain moisture. This will give your lawn the best conditions to thrive during summer, so you can go out and enjoy your backyard.

But when it comes to picking out the perfect mower for your lawn there is a lot to consider, how big should the cutting width be? Does it need a height adjuster? Should get a petrol or electric? These might be some of the questions you have. Firstly, if you have a large yard then petrol is usually better as it usually has more power and is quicker. As for the cutting height, it is always a good idea to get a height adjustable mower so you can cut to the condition and season. The cutting width is dependent on your lawn size, the bigger the lawn the bigger the cutting width is a generally good rule to follow. If you are looking at mowing bigger lawns and do not need to catch the grass, then the best choice is the Big Roo 20” Utility Mower.

There is no mistaking that the Big Roo with its heavy gauge deck, reinforced handles and 4-blade cutting system is a proven product in the market, and now it is going to become a lot more popular than it was before. Not only is it decked out with a smart new paint scheme, but the Big Roo also is equipped with a new four stroke XTX Kohler OHV – XT775 engine. This new engine is a game changer, according to Kohler it never requires an oil change, just be sure to check the oil level before use. The Big Roo has an adjustable cut of 19-80mm so you can cut to your liking depending on the time of year. The Big Roo has 7” ½ ball bearing wheels to make it easier to push and can cut through the toughest lawns with ease. On top of this the Big Roo also has an easy pull starter which requires minimum effort to start for good measure and includes two years warranty.

New lawn and garden products to look out for
In 1968 Parklands was the first company to introduce brush cutters to Australia. Today Parklands range of lawn and garden products now includes lawn mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, chippers, log splitters, riders, engines and everything in between. You can be sure that there is something for everyone with their wide range of existing products. They have a new 26cc Telescopic Pole Saw (PPS-450Y), with a 2-stroke engine, chrome plated cylinder for long engine life and extends up to four metres. Parklands has also added a couple new chainsaws including a 40cc chainsaw 16”(PSW-41Y) and the 49cc chainsaw 20” (PSW-52Y). All new machines comply with the Euro V emission standards.

New 18” Super Flow Push Button Start
Introducing one of the easiest mowers to use with stacks of features. Built with reinforced comfort handles and reinforced Super Flow deck with four blade Mulch and Catch cutting system for maximum performance. Couple this with a powerful Briggs and Stratton Push Button Start engine and you have one of the best mowers for ease of starting, superior cut and easy to push due to its large double ball bearing wheels and light weight, at only 26kgs. Ideal for the young or old and even some contractors where they have numerous average blocks to mow. 10 point single lever height adjustable for maximum versatility and comes with a two-year warranty.

Turning more than just heads
The new range of Parklander Zero Turn mowers is sure to turn some heads. Available in three deck sizes (42”, 48” and 52”), and all sporting a 5 ½“ deep fabricated deck to truly tackle those bigger jobs. Utilising a Kohler V-Twin OHV 25hp engine means this machine will cut at faster speeds because of the high tip speed for better cutting performance. It also includes seven gauge top with a seven gauge reinforcement, making it one of the strongest decks on the market. Plus it has heavy duty spindles for longevity. For safety R.O.P’s and seat belts are included as standard (sunshade optional) and soft seat for comfort. Be sure to check out the many other great machines over at Parklands Power Products.

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