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Hustler Mowers’ FasTrak SDX series is ideal for business owners who demand more from their zero turns. It delivers commercial-grade power and performance, perfect for the daily hustle.


The FasTrak SDX series features a powerful Kawasaki® FX V-twin engine with integrated cleaning ports and a remote air cleaner. These features help ensure the engine remains in top condition, even after prolonged use. A larger Hydro-Gear® transmission allows the mower to easily tackle steep terrain, making it ideal for a wide range of landscaping projects.

The FasTrak SDX series also comes with a comprehensive 4-year/1000-hour engine warranty. The FasTrak SDX is manufactured with a continuous, heavy-duty, welded tubular steel frame. This frame is strong enough to support the 10-gauge fabricated-steel decks, which are available in sizes from 48 to 60 inches. The tough build can endure even the harshest conditions, ensuring the FasTrak SDX will deliver durable mowing for years to come.

Hustler is known for creating machines that deliver expert cutting. The FasTrak SDX features several smart features that help it do just that. These features include:
• SmoothTrak Steering™: This system delivers incredibly smooth and fluid movement, making it easy to manoeuvre the mower in tight spots and around obstacles
• Automatic Park brake system: Simply push the levers out to engage the parking brake
• Flex forks (optional): These forks add extra suspension for cruising around rough, uneven terrain.


The FasTrak SDX also provides an exceptional level of comfort and convenience. Its extra high-back suspension seat protects the operator from bumps and drops, while the EVC cushion helps alleviate pressure on the tailbone and lower back. The mower also features cupholders for hydration on the job and a dual USB port for added convenience.

In addition to its impressive performance features, the FasTrak SDX series is designed for easy servicing. The flip-up seat, removable floor pan, and toolless removable pulley covers make maintenance a breeze. Dual rotomoulded fuel tanks with a capacity of up to 32 litres allow for longer mowing and fewer fuel trips, maximising productivity.

The Hustler FasTrak SDX series is now available in three models:
• FasTrak SDX 48: powered by a 22HP Kawasaki® FX691 V-twin engine and a 122cm (48”) fabricated-steel deck
• FasTrak SDX 54: powered by a 23.5HP Kawasaki® FX730 V-twin engine and a 137cm (54”) fabricated-steel deck
• FasTrak SDX 60: powered by a 23.5HP Kawasaki® FX730 V-twin engine and a 152cm (60”) fabricated-steel deck.

All models feature a commercial-duty Dual HydroGear® ZT-3400 transmission. The FasTrak SDX series comes with a 4-year or 1000-hour domestic/commercial warranty.

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Commercial-grade power and performance, perfect for the daily hustle.
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