Get fire ready with Kubota’s B-Series tractor range

Kubota has contractors’ bases covered with the B-Series tractor range to help them prepare properties this fire season.

The B-Series is equipped with high-quality Kubota engines and transmissions to deliver the extra durability and reliability that fire preparation jobs demand.

Kubota Australia Product Manager for Agriculture Mark Basile said the B-Series compact tractors have excellent engine power and efficiency, and are tailored for residential areas.

“The B-Series are powered by three, or four-cylinder Kubota diesel engines that are renowned for their exceptional reliability, low noise, low vibrations and clean emissions produced by Kubota’s unique Three Vortex Combustion System,” Mr Basile said.

“Available with a number of attachments that are quick and easy to attach and detach, the B-Series is the ideal range for the operator who wants an efficient tractor capable of performing a wide variety of tasks.

“Whether you’re mowing, slashing, removing trees or building fire breaks, the B-Series is the best choice for durability, versatility and comfort.

“Normally connecting implements to tractors can be annoying but the top of the range B50 Series incorporates telescopic lower link ends as standard, and when combined with the ratchet type lift rod, it makes putting on an implement a breeze,” Mr Basile said.

The B-Series all feature a sturdy, hydraulically controlled Category I threepoint hitch that allows you to attach a wide array of rear implements. Hydraulic power steering offers effortless control to reduce operator fatigue, allowing them to complete a long day of work.

All B series models feature three range hydrostatic transmission as standard. Equipped with twin operating pedals to offer exceptional handling with frequent changes of speed and direction, the B-Series ensures the operator can easily manoeuvre around trees and obstacles on the property.

The operator space in the B-Series is large and comfortable, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting from the tractor,which is ideal for clearing debris and moving obstacles. A toolbox fitted behind the seat gives the user plenty of storage for the operator’s manual and tools necessary for maintenance around the property.

With an overall length similar to a standard garden tractor, the B-Series are easy to drive and offer smooth operation even in the tightest spaces. Due to its compact size, the B-Series is also gentle on turf however its sturdy 4WD wheels don’t compromise on traction for heavy duty front loader tasks and operating other implements.

The B-Series includes the B2301HD with a 23HP diesel engine, B2601HD with a 26HP diesel engine, and the B3150, which comes in three variations – B3150HD ROPS model, B3150HDCC Premium Cab model, and B3150SUHD Economy ROPS model – all 31HP.

Mr Basile said the B-Series range is comprehensive and answers the operator’s need for performance, comfort, and productivity.

“The B-Series is a full tractor range that meets the needs of all operators, regardless of their budget, the level of comfort they want, and the job they have to do,” Mr Basile said.

For more information visit your nearest dealer or visit the Kubota website:

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