GEOHEX™, Australia’s permeable paving alternative to concrete

Developed for use in the residential and commercial landscaping industries, GEOHEX™ is fast becoming Australia’s favourite erosion control and surface stabilisation solution.

Each GEOHEX™ paver is comprised of honeycomb cells that are designed to hold a range of aggregates to promote drainage whilst providing a safe and stable surface for pedestrians, animals and vehicles.

GEOHEX™ Applications
GEOHEX™ has been used across landscaping applications including:
• Pathways
• Courtyards
• Decorative garden beds
• Driveways
• Erosion and sediment control
• Turf stabilization
• Water tank stabilization
• Boat and caravan holding bays
• Temporary roads, and more

GEOHEX™ passes the tough test
GEOHEX™ has undergone stringent testing by the University of Newcastle and boasts a massive load bearing capacity of 1,200 tonnes per square metre when filled, making it one of the toughest surface and turf stabilisation options on the market. The engineered design of GEOHEX™ evenly distributes load across each 1000mm x 500mm paver, capable of supporting foot traffic from pathways, weight from domestic vehicles, landscaping machinery and even mining vehicles. GEOHEX™ has been used extensively in residential applications as driveways, in courtyards, decorative garden beds or as a turf stabilisation or sediment control solution. In civil or commercial landscaping applications GEOHEX™ has been used for paths, carparks as well as golf courses. GEOHEX™’s unique GEOCAPs also provide a simple and easy marking solution for walkways, car spaces and more.

Permeable and decorative
With a 99.7 per cent permeability rating GEOHEX™ pavers prevent bogging and pitting, as well as aggregate or surface run off when installed with adequate road base. GEOHEX™ pavers can be filled with a range of different aggregates depending on the application and expected rainfall, allowing landscapers to create endless designs to cater for their client’s needs. Typical infill materials include natural earth, road base, sand, pebbles, bark and more, all of which helps GEOHEX™ blend in with the natural environment.

Cost effective and simple to install
GEOHEX™ is simple and fast to install and depending on the site installation, can be laid with a small team in just a few hours. Weighing just 2.7kgs per paver unfilled, GEOHEX™ is also more cost effective to transport, making it an attractive alternative to bitumen or concrete on all fronts. GEOHEX™ can also be laid on sloped terrain, with the support of the GEOHEX™ team or your trusted landscape engineer.

A low impact choice for the environment
Made from a 100 per cent recycled co-polymer polypropylene known as Reprolene™, GEOHEX™ is bacteria resistant, non-reactive to oils, solvents and water and is non-toxic to animals, humans and plants. Popular for its low environmental impact and product longevity, GEOHEX™ has been used extensively by landscapers, local area government councils, civil engineers and home-owners alike.

Available Australia wide
Supported by a national network of stockists, GEOHEX™ is available in each state and territory. GEOHEX™ pavers are sold per square metre and for prices specific to your next project or install. Visit or speak to the GEOHEX™ team.

For more information on GEOHEX™, to become a GEOHEX™ installer and stockist or download the GEOHEX™ technical specifications, visit or call (02) 9603 5322.

GEOHEX™ is proudly Australian owned and made, manufactured locally in Sydney by Holloway Group.Facebook @geohexx, Instagram @geohex_ GEOHEX™ installation images courtesy of Brisbane based GEOHEX™ installer, Good Earth Creations.Instagram @good_earth_creations.

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