GEOHEX™ An Aussie stabilization product that works

With a range of plastic pavers on the market claiming to provide permeable ground stabilisation solutions, you can be forgiven for wondering which one to choose.

Why does choice even matter? You lay it and fill it, right? Simple.
Not always.

Developed in Australia and independently tested by the University of Newcastle, GEOHEX™ has been proven to tolerate over 1,000 tonnes per square metre when filled and gets stronger the more weight is applied to it. The unique hexagonal voids are engineered to spread the weight of vehicles, machinery, and people across the plane of each GEOHEX™ paver, making it a perfect surface stabilisation option in residential landscaping projects, community spaces and commercial access driveways.

Strength notwithstanding, GEOHEX™ also offers landscapers a sustainable option favoured in green projects and spaces. This is because it is manufactured from 100 per cent recycled Reprolene™, a proprietary mix of post-industrial plastics otherwise destined for landfill. Non-reactive to solvents, oils, chemicals, and water, GEOHEX™ is non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants, and repurposes plastic waste without creating harm to the environment. GEOHEX™ has even been used as an eco-defense barrier along fence lines and property boundaries for animals prone to digging like wombats and dogs.

GEOHEX™ is supported by a National Technical Sales Team that can provide installation recommendations and advice to help you achieve a quality result across a range of applications, including best practice site preparation and aggregate choice.

Proudly Australian made, GEOHEX™ can be used for soil, turf embankment and road stabilisation in and around:
• Residential and commercial driveways
• Landscaping
• Road works
• Footpaths
• Sportsgrounds
• Golf courses
• Parking areas
• Resource development sites

The paver’s click and lock system means GEOHEX™ locks neatly and quickly into the next paver, allowing for fast installation, whether you have a team of five offsiders or are working solo. Pavers can also be cut to size to accommodate specific landscaping designs or to create a neat edging on the installation using a circular saw.

For a long-term, strong, and permeable soil erosion control and surface stabilisation system, consider GEOHEX™. This Australian innovation is engineered and independently tested to walk its talk.

GEOHEX™ is available from a network of GEOHEX™ stockists across Australia. For prices specific to your next project or install, visit to speak with your local GEOHEX™ stockist.

GEOHEX™ is proudly Australian owned and made, manufactured locally in Sydney by Holloway Group.

For more information on GEOHEX™, visit or find GEOHEX™ on Facebook and Instagram.

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