Genuine products pay for themselves

Choosing genuine parts and products is an economical way to get the best results from premium equipment, according to Gary Sky, National Aftersales Manager from JCB Construction Equipment Australia (CEA).

Genuine products are designed to match the specific requirements of machines to maximise performance and minimise downtime.

Gary says he can understand why owners and operators are tempted to choose non-genuine filters, oils and other parts, but that it makes better business sense in the long run to choose original products.

“Generic brands can sometimes be cheaper than genuine products but they won’t always offer the same performance. Genuine oils, filters and parts have been specifically designed to match your machine and help it perform to its optimum, so the payoff can be considerable,” he said.

“Ultimately, one of the biggest drivers of profitability in your business is the productivity levels of your machine. Investing in quality oils, for instance, is a relatively small outlay that will pay for itself many times.”

Gary says consumables like oil can have a bigger impact on business performance than people may first think.

“When you’re buying something like gear oil, you can see that every product on the shelf meets product standards, so why not choose the cheapest option, even if it’s not the same brand as your machine?

“The reality is that oils perform an absolutely vital job. If you wouldn’t choose a generic machinery brand, why would you choose a generic oil? If you end up with a lower quality oil, the list of potential problems is pretty long, from misaligned or even broken gear teeth to shattered casings and debris that could eventually cause transmission seizure and complete engine breakdown. Engine and transmission oils actually play a big role in machine operation and can affect other parts of the machine like seals. ”

The impact of choosing a non-genuine product like oil might not be immediately obvious, which can lead operators to believe an alternative option is just as good.

“Oils protect against wear, which happens over time, so if you use a poorer quality oil, you might not see any issues for some time. But choosing just any oil is ultimately a short sighted business decision. The right oil helps with fuel efficiency and reduces machine downtime, which every business operator knows is where the real costs lie,” Gary said.

JCB genuine oils exceed all applicable standards and are put through a range of rigorous tests before they are approved. These include a copper corrosion test to assess the corrosion performance compared to other brands, and an oxidation test that measures the rate of deterioration of the oil.

“JCB oils include a base oil plus a specific additive pack which is designed to match the machine it is designed for and the conditions it will work in,” Gary said.

“We’re serious about ensuring the very best quality in our oils and other after-market products, in the same way we’re serious about the quality of our machines. JCB has a reputation for quality and reliability and our customers rightly expect that from every product we sell.

“Ultimately, we recognise that equipment is a big investment and we want to help our customers get the best return on that investment by keeping their machines running efficiently and productively.”

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