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Fulton Bricks & Paving Supplies has carved out a strong niche in the residential and commercial landscaping market courtesy of its stylish and durable product range, with the Melbourne-based business known for its selection of pier caps, designed to enhance the aesthetics of brick and concrete piers and fences.

Fulton Bricks & Paving Supplies was established back in 2010 and owner Kerry Warford has said that a lot has changed since then. Kerry says that his yard is better known as ‘The Brickyard or Fulton Brickyard’ and back when he first bought The Brickyard it was a very basic yard.

Kerry told LCM that he has put a lot of time and effort into building the yard up to what it is today and feels like all his hard work is finally starting to pay off. These days Fulton Brickyard presides over an extensive product range, capable of adding colour and character to landscaping projects of all types and sizes, with its portfolio including products made by renowned Australian manufacturers, which now include his own manufactured line of Pier Caps and other Pressed Sand Cement Products.

“We make a lot of different styles of pier caps,” he says. “We also make wall capping, letterboxes and can even make the actual pillars for the Pier caps to sit on. We sell a large range of products, including retaining wall products, paving, garden edging and natural stone. Pretty much all your landscaping supplies.”

Fulton Brickyard additionally offers a wide selection of new and secondhand bricks; along with sleepers, artificial turf, natural stone, grey blocks, letter boxes and pool coping; with its product range complemented by innovative expert advice, enabling superior and cost-effective project delivery.

Fulton Bricks

Pier caps an increasingly niche market

Fulton Brickyards Pier capping range and other pressed sand cement products is just one of the elements of its business that helps it stand out in the landscaping market.

As Kerry explains, pier capping production has become more and more specialised in recent years, with only a limited number of businesses now actively involved in Australia.

“There’s not many people out there anymore that actually use traditional methods to manufacture pier caps, wall capping or pillars,” he comments. “Because of this, it’s become a very niche market.”

For this reason, when Terry Masterson approached Fulton Brickyard, bringing with him his extensive pier cap manufacturing knowledge, it made sense to harness his expertise, with Kerry noting, “He’s been making pier caps for over 40 years; Terry has been making these products for that long that I wouldn’t be surprised if he could make these in his sleep,” he says

Terry told LCM that he had initially started in the industry straight out of school in the 1970s, and moved over to Fulton Brickyard almost five years ago, “I’m still here to this day making pier caps at 63 years of age.”

Terry says that it is extremely important to follow the proper production processes, including the fundamental of getting the pier capping mix right, Terry simply observed that “you’ve got to know what you’re doing”.

“That’s why they named a cap after me called the Masterson,” he comments “They’re selling terrific. It’s only taken 63 years to get my name up in lights!”

Strong demand for pier caps

Fulton Brickyard has been enjoying a particularly busy 2022, and its pier caps in particular have been in high demand, with it not only catering for demand in the local market in and around Melbourne, but also supplying interstate customers.

Terry told LCM that he has been hard at work in recent times, overseeing and producing many pier caps for a range of different projects.

“I’m actually making Mastersons right at this minute – we make pier caps for both residential customers and builders – and we’re flat-out,” he says. “We’re now sending pier caps interstate, including Sydney, Tasmania and Queensland.”

Kerry additionally notes that Fulton Brickyard is poised to capitalise on the momentum it has been building throughout the year, with a strong platform in place to service the landscaping sector heading into the warmer months and 2023.

“It’s quite busy at the moment,” he comments. “Even during winter, when it’s normally quieter, it’s been very busy.”

Fulton Bricks

Fulton pier caps: Range backed by expert advice

Fulton Brickyard backs its pier caps range with comprehensive support and advice – from how pier caps can enhance a landscaping project, how to choose a suitable style and colour, how to install and even how to clean and maintain their pier caps.

When it comes to choosing pier caps, Fulton Brickyard notes that they serve as both protection from weather and other damaging factors and as a decorative element, with them recommending:

  • Size – this will depend on what needs capping. The Brickyard has thick and thin wall capping to suit single and double-brick fencing, letterboxes and pillars that come in different heights to help if council permits are involved and several different sizes of each cap design to suit most sized pillars.
  • Material – pier caps can be made from many different products. Fulton Brickyard’s caps are made the traditional way with pressed sand cement ensuring the finished product will be strong.
  • Colour – keep it simple and choose a colour that fits the rest of the look (painting is also an option which will seal and protect your products at the same time).
  • Roof shape – traditional pier caps have a pyramid-shaped roof, making them a statement feature on their own, providing years of protection and a neat finish, while some pier caps are flat, making them suitable for affixing other adornments on top.

Fulton’s pier caps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, providing customers a number of options when it comes to adding character to their fencing, while it also offers wall capping that fits single or double brick walls.

Fulton Brickyard have many designs of pier caps. A few examples of popular styles include:

  • Richmond pier cap – a traditional style topped with a practical, modern pyramid finish and featuring a layered profile at the base, designed to suit the majority of homes and properties.
  • Albert pier cap – makes a bold statement on a fence or wall, with the curve of its profile adding an attractive soft feature.
  • Small Pyramid – a traditional Victorian style topped with a sharp pyramid finish and more detailed layers at the base conveying elegance.

Fulton’s pier cap sizes comprise: 350 x 350mm, 470 x 350mm, 470 x 470mm, 590 x 470mm and 590 x 590mm, amongst other sizes.

Give them a call on 9887 0134 or check out: fultonbrickyard.com.au

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