Free workshop with Stefan Kazakis

Tuesday 28th November, at 5:30pm, LIAWA will host an online free workshop with Stefan Kazakis.

LIAWA’s online event ‘Staying Ahead of the Pack: Leading into the Holiday Hustle Period’ is right around the corner – book your FREE spot today!

This free workshop provides a targeted approach to professional development and is specifically designed for LIAWA members. Guest presenter, Stefan Kazakis, is one of Australia’s top business coaches and will be offering guidance in setting milestones, monitoring progress, and achieving results in sustainable and ongoing growth.

For those who value their business, their people and their clients, take advantage of this free LIAWA members-only workshop and book today.

Get ready to learn:
✔️ The 3 most important ‘growth-hack’ activities in your business
✔️ Which of your jobs are profitable and how to win more of them
✔️ How to get off the tools so you can work on growing your business
✔️ How to recruit and lead the team you need to get off the tools

Register here!

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